Doerr Design: The Great American History of Stickley

The Stickley motto “Als ik Kan” comes from a quote by Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck and means “to the best of my ability” – this has always been Stickley’s guiding principle. The old Flemish craftsman’s phrase was marked right on the product in our early years, to assure customers that every piece of Stickley furniture was made with skill, determination, and integrity.

If you are like us and appreciate the simple beauty of Stickley hand-crafted furniture, then join us in celebrating this beautiful tradition with a Stickley Historian. We invite you to join us in welcoming the Stickley Historian, Mike Danial. He will be giving us a closer look inside this remarkable tradition of this special craft. Learn everything about Fine Furniture–from restoration to care and construction techniques.

Doerr Furniture Exclusive Stickley Sale

Discover the many reasons why Stickley Furniture has become the hallmark of traditional, hand-crafted, wooden furniture all over the U.S.

Even today each aspect of Stickley construction is approached with sincere dedication and a genuine respect for craft. Stickley’s many unique construction features make it the most lasting furniture being crafted today.

Doerr Furniture Exclusive Stickley Sale

Make your reservations today, seating is limited! We’d love to see you all here for this FREE event!

Doerr Design: George Washington “Wishes He” Lived Here.

Great furniture creates, and carries, memories across time.

Furniture is one of the most intimate products any of us will acquire. We share our meals around it. We rock our babies in it. We furnish the places of our lives so our families will love returning home, so our friends will look forward to visiting.

Shop Doerr Furniture's Stickley Sale

Create a beautiful space that will conjure warmth and welcome with these traditional styles and organic forms. Quality furniture crafted with precious hardwoods and beautiful details to emphasize sophistication. This beautiful furniture will speak for itself — these designs were created with the notion that furniture should be “honest” above all things. A direct reflection of the craftsmanship put forth in each piece.

Stop in to Doerr’s Stickley showroom where you will find an exquisite selection of Stickley Furniture, ranging from a large array of incredible styles. We will work to complement your unique taste preference with some of the most luxurious, craftsmanship we have seen…

and we know furniture!

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Clean lines and attention to function and style make Stickley’s collection at Doerr Furniture truly timeless. Uniquely modern, yet possessing high levels of sophistication, comfort, and precise craftsmanship. These furnishings will give you a connection to the past — the look is as appropriate in today’s home as it was over a century ago.

We’d love to see you all at Doerr Furniture for our unique, President’s Day Stickley Sale, this weekend Only! We will have a wonderful time celebrating both Valentine’s Day with loved ones, and Mardi Gras with Friends from all over! It’s Party time, friends! So many reasons to be merry! Come See Us!

Doerr Design Showroom: The Looks That Won’t Last Long

Furniture Buying Tip: Buy Nice, Or Buy Twice. 

We are incredibly excited to have you in to Doerr Furniture to see these amazing styles at a refreshingly affordable price. If you haven’t already heard about our exclusive Floor Sample Sale, then let us give you a sneak peak at some of the beautiful furniture pieces that are showcased in our showroom RIGHT NOW.

Ranging from Mid-Century Modern to Traditional Elegance and everything else in between — we have incredible savings on the brands you could drool over! In fact, most furniture items are as low as 50% off!

Who doesn’t appreciate a quality piece of furniture for half off?  
Shop Doerr's Exclusive Floor Sample SaleLooks We Love: It’s festival season! That means adding in the extra fun and funky designs! you can make a room ultra-lux like we did here, by adding in the accessories that pack in the color and style… And how about these incredible table tops? The perfect combination of modern and rustic charm! You can always add interest with lovely accent rugs, too.

Have we mentioned that these looks are on Sale and on the Floor at Doerr? Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans Sofas

What about this incredibly plush, Craftmaster Sofa? Pair this Beautiful piece with a chic-lamp and mirrored table for a lovely, feminine inspired space! What about a Gallery wall to add interest? But the more important question, what would YOU do with this incredible sofa?

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans Furniture Sale

In the Market for a plush new Living Room chair? Now you can be. 50% Off and still as beautiful and luxurious as ever! Pair this beauty with your bright Purple, green and Red Carnival fun! Nothing screams glam like a white signature item from DoerrShop Doerr Furniture New Orleans Furniture Sale

Last but surely not least — Add some floral charm to welcome the spring with! For those of you with a love for turquoise, this has your name written all over it…And even better, have you seen the price?!

These gorgeous items will not last long — Sale ENDS Monday.

Today Through Monday, February 9th, stop by Doerr and experience this amazing sale on quality Furniture. We’d love to see you! Doerr Furniture Floor Sample Sale

Carnival Season: House All Of Your Guests In Style This Year

It’s almost that time again, carnival friends!

Mardi Gras season is almost here! We hope you are ready for the masks, dancing, and excitement! … We know we are.

Do you have guests coming into town? Perhaps you will need a little extra room for friends and family to come and stay. The perfect way to add an extra guest bedroom instantly is a sleeper sofa. The best part, you won’t have to spare on style either.

These incredible sofas are beautiful and incredibly luxurious.

Shop Palliser Sofas at Doerr Furniture

Finding space to house guests can be tricky. With our expert design service and beautiful home furnishings that can be tailor made to fit your taste and color preference, you will have beautiful luxury that lets art and function mingle magically.

Consider a sleeper sofa in your living space this carnival season…Shop Palliser Sleeper Sofa's










Looking for luxurious leather? The cozy comfort of suede?

Everyone has their own taste preference and we have a large array of Sofas that will perfectly match those needs. We have lots of fabric and leather upholstery to choose from and our expert designers generally can rule out 75% of them in the first 5 minutes to get you to your top 2-3 choices. Looking and talking through each choice carefully, we guide you to your final fabric or leather decision. And of course there is time to consider whether or not you’ve made the right decision.That’s why we are here, to reassure you in your choice while backing with our experience and expertise of quality furniture and design.

Shop Sleeper Sofas at Doerr Furniture

You will be able to house all of your guests comfortably and in style. You can choose between many different luxurious looks to fit your unique taste.

If you are looking for an incredible sleeper sofa this carnival season, stop by Doerr and take advantage of our amazing sale going on now!

Shop Doerr's  Sleeper Sofa Event


Sunbrella: The Must Know Fabric For Beauty and Durability

Have you heard of Sunbrella? If not, you definitely should…

Not only is Sunbrella the most popular performance fabric in the U.S., they’re becoming more widely known across the globe as the go-to fabric for style and durability in fabric applications where both beauty and performance are required.

Shop Sunbrella Fabric in Flexsteel at Doerr

This incredibly durable fabric is easy to clean, offers sun protection and is Greenguard certified for indoor air quality by contributing to healthy indoor air. All of these features are only the beginning to what this fabric can do for you and your family; the look, feel and pattern will be exactly what your home needs.  Add beautiful luxury that will keep the worrying down…especially when the little ones come to visit. The best part, stop in to Doerr Furniture and see what customized furniture pieces we carry in Sunbrella fabric!

A Beautiful Performance: 

Enjoy your life without worrying about the inevitable messes. Make the living room kid friendly. Let the pets sit on the furniture.  Sip a glass of red wine on the white sofa. You’re right at home.

Sunbrella Fabric in Flexsteel Furniture

Enduring Color

  • UV Resistant colors stay strong and vibrant under intense sunlight.
  • Bleach cleanable
  • Chlorine Resistant

The beautiful color that will last and last…

Shop Sunbrella Fabric in Flexsteel Designs

Worry Free

Worry less about life’s little messes. Sunbrella fabrics stay beautiful and clean up quickly. UV-stabilized pigments saturate durable Sunbrella yarn and fabric with color that won’t fade, rub, or wash away.

  • Stain Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Mildew resistant
  • Greenguard Certified for better indoor air quality

Dramatic Design

Choose a bright white solid, an exquisite decorative jacquard, or subtle earth tones with a pop of color. Rich textures and sophisticated designs highlight your individual tastes even before you have a chance to tell them it’s Sunbrella.

Designed in the USA from inspiration around the world, today’s Sunbrella fabrics help you create incredibly beautiful living spaces you can actually live in. Stylish.

Shop Sunbrella Fabric in Flexsteel at Doerr Furniture

Available in hundreds of solids, stripes and textures as well as exquisite jacquards! Whatever your style preferences are, we can work with you to find the right color, pattern and texture that will fit your living space.

Love Flexsteel? Doerr offers great stylish pieces that are now offered with Sunbrella material!

Flexsteel Furniture made with Sunbrella Material

Sunbrella and the Environment

Sunbrella proudly strives to reduce their carbon footprint, along with becoming minimally wasteful. They are recognized as a member of the South Carolina Excellence Program as a result of their recycling and waste reduction programs. They recycle all of their waste — including industrial materials, packaging, office and cafeteria waste.

Sunbrella Reniassance furniture fabrics combine up to 50% post industrial recycled Sunbrella fiber with virgin Sunbrella Fiber to achieve vintage charm, rich coloration, soft feel and excellent performance. You will be glad to know  you are not only paying for incredible quality materials, but minimally destructive to the environment.

Stop in to Doerr Furniture today and see what products we offer in the incredible Sunbrella fabric. Doerr has a fantastic Sale going on — we are selling $2 Million Dollars worth of Flexsteel Furniture for only $1 Million! That means the incredible quality you love at the price that will make you smile.

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3 Inspiring Designs: Looks We Can’t Get Enough Of

At Doerr, we believe your home should be incredible. From the moment you walk in the Door, to the time you fall asleep at night. We heard a quote the other day and we think its great advice to stand by, “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. Take a long hard look around, simplify your space to have only the most useful, beautiful items. The more you appreciate your surroundings the more you will take care of them — opt for quality.

It all comes down to this: selecting furniture is a big decision.

And when you choose Flexsteel, you can feel completely comfortable with your decision—in more ways than one. With that, let us show you a few inspiring designs that we are enamored with. The best part, all of these gorgeous designs are on Sale, as much as 50% Off! Not to mention Shop these beautiful looks online! Enjoy.

The Bexley Flexsteel Sofa At Doerr Furniture There is just something so elegant about a beautifully tailored leather Sofa. The Bexley Sofa offers both a stunning option for a traditional, or transitional living space. Soft, flowing arms give offer an organic look and feel. Perfectly match your new Leather sofa with a stunning new area rug to achieve this beautiful look.

Shop Doerr Flexsteel Furniture Sale

Remember earlier when we were talking about useful, beautiful items? Well, we can’t really think of a better description for the luxurious Downtown Reclining Sofa. Let’s face it, reclining sofas are the best option for comfort and convenience. Plus with the beautiful design of the tufted leather you won’t have to spare on style.

Shop Doerr Furniture Flexsteel Sale

Here’s a shot of the Downtown Reclining Sofa, up close. As you can see, it doesn’t spare on style. Shop Now — this item is On Sale, over half off!

Shop Flexsteel Furniture Sale

Whether you are ready for it or not, Spring will be coming shortly. The best way to get ready for a season change is by switching out accessories: Add pops of color to your space with stylish area rugs, throws and colorful lighting. If you are anything like us, then you can’t wait to change up the colors each season.

The Beautiful Vail Sofa by Flexsteel, offers a transitional color and shape that helps you maximize on style each season!

Shop Flexsteel Sofas on Sale at Doerr Furniture

The Vail fabric sofa will be a great addition to a transitional living space; Shop this look Now.

Now, through the end of January, shop these amazing Furniture Items from our entire Flexsteel Inventory Sale. You can even custom design your very own Flexsteel Furniture to make it truly your own.

Shop Doerr Furniture Flexsteel Sale

3 Incredible Flexsteel Designs You’ll Love To Cozy Up In

Shop Doerr Furniture For Incredible Flexsteel Furniture

For this new year, why not start with beautiful home furnishings that will last and spread memories across time. Flexsteel furniture is crafted with exceptional care and attention to detail. You can count on your Flexsteel furniture to look and feel wonderful for years—long after you’ve come to consider it a member of your family.

Today, we invite you to stop by Doerr and experience these incredible home furnishings at a refreshingly low price. Our entire inventory of Flexsteel Furniture is on sale and as beautiful as ever. Doerr Furniture has the largest showroom of Flexsteel Furniture in the Gulf Coast and you will notice, we don’t run short on variety. You can expect beautiful looks that will complement every style and every space.

We have chosen four looks from our Doerr Furniture showroom that we think you will appreciate…enjoy.

Shop Flexsteel Furniture at Doerr Furniture New Orleans

Incredible materials and exceptional craftsmanship — here you will find absolutely stunning pieces that are traditionalrustic, and elegant in their very own way. We are proud to offer these incredible sofas, sectionals, chairs and more — all crafted with the utmost quality.

Looks we love: It’s close to impossible to go wrong with leather. This incredibly plush, double reclining sofa will be exactly what your living room needs to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Cozy up in this incredible sofa for a great price — On Sale exclusively at Doerr!

Shop Flexsteel Furniture At Doerr

A modern look, but a transitional color — this sofa will compliment a room that already has beautiful color present. The second you take a seat in this incredibly plush Flexsteel sofa, you will feel yourself slowly sinking in to it’s luxurious comfort — you can’t say we didn’t warn you. Stop by Doerr, our Flexsteel Inventory is on sale Exclusively at Doerr.

There is nothing we love more than to have our loyal customers join us in such a tremendous Sale. These incredible Home Furnishings will last the test of time. Flexsteel durability is truly unmatched, which is why Doerr Furniture has the largest Flexsteel showroom on the Gulf Coast. Stop in today to experience this tremendous sale, exclusively at Doerr.

Shop Flexsteel Furniture At Doerr Furniture

2015 Home Decorating Trends For This New Year

Modern Interior trends of 2015 will be one for the books — classic luxury, creative recycling, and retro designs are all at the heart of this years trends.

 Let There Be Light: 

“Nowhere do art and function mingle more compellingly than in lighting”. This year, you will see more and more beautiful ways to display light. From a beautiful ornamented chandelier to a mid-century modern table lamp.

Whatever fits the style and size of your room… Go for it!

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans

There is something so beautiful about this living space — the lighting creates a very nice antique- look. The soft lighting creates a calming effect for a nice and relaxing bedroom space.

Soft, feminine colors are also a great way to display great style this season!

Shop Doerr Furniture New OrleansBrass and Glass: 

Brass and natural hardwoods will perfectly pair to harmonize for a more simple, modern look. The looks will give you a connection to the outdoors, with a more modern twist.

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans


This New Year’s, Opt for a beautiful home — Shop Doerr Furniture for the ultimate sale in Home FurnishingsShop Doerr's New Years Savings Event

4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home Decorating

Every December 31st we vow to get thin, eat better, and quit this, or that — but what if you chose to do something that will make you happier in your surroundings? A well organized, beautiful home may be the thing you need most in order to fulfill those other goals. After all, you spend the majority of your life here. Make this year a simpler, more exciting time.

Create a space you can’t wait to come home to.

Shop Palliser Sofas at Doerr Furniture Year End Clearance

1. Simplify your space: one of the easiest ways to instantly love your home is to get rid of the clutter and opt for a simpler, more organized space. Too many things? Get rid of some. We know…easier said than done, right? But believe us, those inanimate objects that you bought years ago probably won’t ever get used again. If you find something you haven’t used in the past year, ditch it – it really is that simple. All of that “stuff” can actually weigh you down and hold you back. Just think — out of sight out of mind.

If you are hung up on something that holds value to you but aren’t using, give it to a friend or a loved one. It’s more about sharing with others than keeping it all for ourselves. If you share your things with people you love the item will stick around and probably get more use out of than you ever did… it’s a Win win!

Shop Doerr Dining Room Tables and Servers

2. Get your space ready for entertaining: Who doesn’t enjoy a nice evening spent with friends and loved ones? We sure do. Why not give the areas you entertain in a little update? We aren’t talking about a complete kitchen remodel, either.

One way to add organization and style is with a new dining room server, or buffet. This item can Shop Hooker Furniture at Doerr Furnitureserve as a great place to store nice dinnerware, as well as for hiding that nice bottle of Merlot you have saved for a special occasion. A buffet can also serve as a place to mix up your favorite cocktails. The ways you convey spirits and barware can be just as entertaining as the drinks themselves!

3. Add beauty and color to your home: after all, you spend the majority of your time here. Why not make it fun, functional and exactly how you want it? Add a new design element this New Year.

Do something you normally wouldn’t do and see how it works – you may love the results!

Add Color To Your Space with Doerr Furniture's Sale

Have you always wanted to add some color, but were afraid to be bold? Or maybe you are the Add Beautiful Color to Your Space At Doerr Furnitureopposite and enjoy a busy space — try for a simpler aesthetic. Either way, dare to be different this year. Stop looking at those magazines and thinking, “I love that, but I could never pull that off”. You can! Make this year bolder and better than ever!

A great way to add energy and liveliness to your space is with a stylish new sofa, or accent chair. The extra pop of color will look absolutely stunning.  You can also opt for a beautiful patterned area rug — It can make an entire room look more attractive, instantly. Use your existing color palette as a guide in choosing the right pattern, but look for some contrast to add visual interest.

Shop Beautiful Beds ar Doerr Furniture's Clearance Event

4. Design a beautiful bedroom escape – building the perfect sleep environment will be essential in finding the perfect balance of sleep for your health. Opt for using soft, soothing colors, they will benefit you the most. You will feel much better in the morning and every time you step foot in your bedroom. You will fall asleep relaxed and wake up happy and positive. According to some studies, cool colors such as blues and greens are associated with calm, soothing feelings. They have also been known to slow the heart rate down, even reducing blood pressure. However, these colors have also been shown to be revitalizing, causing you to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Since the New Year is just around the corner it’s important to evaluate your space, design a home you can’t wait to show off. One that will make coming home your favorite time of the day! Go ahead and have fun with it!

Now until January 5th, you can find these amazing deals at Doerr Furniture! This sale is store wide and will not last long! Stop in to Doerr Today.

Shop Doerr's New Years Savings Event

3 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas for the Perfect Present

Now is the perfect time to turn to Doerr this Holiday Season.

Stuck on trying to find the right gift for someone? Every year it seems we battle with trying to find that perfect present, the one that makes the occasion extra special. It’s not that we don’t know are loved ones well enough, it’s the battle of finding something truly unique — something you know will catch their eyes and have them filled with joy this Christmas.

We have made it our mission to help our customers find that perfect piece, the one that will showcase luxury and sophistication for years to come. A true reminder of an incredible Holiday spent with loved ones and happy moments of giving. We’d like to help you find a signature item that is simply gorgeous and one of a kind. Today we will be discussing the exclusive Holiday Gifts only at Doerr Furniture for a limited time.

First, what do you think about this bright and bold Living room chest?

Shop Unique Doerr Furniture

 Red Revolution: Try the beautiful design of this Living Room Chest this Holiday season. The  Interesting details give this stylish item an incredible look. Your Attention goes directly to the clean lines and beading that frames each drawer. The sleek color will be a perfect fit for 2015, rich reds are full of drama and is every designers top choice this year. Hooker Furniture offers full height, full depth and full width drawers for maximum storage capacity. All drawers have strong, time-tested English or French dovetail construction, for years of problem-free use. Pair this item with many different colors, a little red goes a long way — passionate, romantic and emotional — the best ways to describe this piece. A Perfect fit for someone you love.

On sale and ready for you to enjoy! Stop in to Doerr Furniture to find this beautiful piece. Was $1,482 Now $1,039.

Shop Furniture Classics at Doerr Furniture Holiday Buys

Reclaimed Rustic: A real show-stopper – looking for a gift for someone who enjoys a more rustic take on modern living? This classic piece is the hallmark of this solid wood collection and has been for years! Flawless construction made from old pine is gently washed with a black glaze for a rugged, reclaimed look. Perfect for any space, this Old Pine Drawer Blank will be an incredible addition to any home, a stunning choice for this Holiday season. Shop this great look, Now.

By the way…It’s on sale! Was $5,594 Now $3,919.

Shop Unique Doerr Furniture This Holiday Season

All In The Details: This stunning accessory will add an incredible dimension and great style to any space! A beautiful intricate design captures movement and the shape adds so much style — we can’t get enough of this gorgeous new mirror.  Have we mentioned the incredible price?

Was $1,017 Now $807! Shop this great look now.

Beautiful colors and amazing tailored looks for an edge of uniqueness to every space; Bright colors, tailored designs and small signature items. So don’t worry if Christmas is just around the corner, we have incredible looks that you can feel confident about.

If you are like us, then you have probably waited until now to shop for your Holiday gifts. That’s why for a limited time only, these beautiful pieces are all on SALE. Because we’d like to make your shopping just a little bit easier. Indulge in your Holiday Shopping this Christmas with luxury items at a refreshingly affordable price.

Stop in to Doerr Furniture and take advantage of these Fantastic deals. We’ll see you at Doerr!Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans