Our Top Living Room Designs You’re Gonna Love

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans Weekend Sales EventAs the Holiday’s approach, along with the colder weather, it’s important to decorate with a nice and relaxing color palette. A transitional living space is the ideal look if you’d like to decorate with each coming season. Using neutral colors in your larger items, such as your sofa and area rug, mean having the option to have more fun with accessories and lighting each season! We absolutely love the transitional English-arm sofa by Craftmaster — the vintage tracking and exquisite tailoring matched with it’s incredibly plush cushions make this piece simply a perfect fit. It will be a lovely centerpiece for a Vintage-style, transitional living room.

Have fun with your decor, too. We love the pops of green and subtle decorative design on the throw pillows. Mix and match interesting items in all shapes and sizes to add interest and a dynamic feel. Don’t forget to incorporate your favorite winter whites! This trend is so crisp and will be a great transition into the colder months. Re-purpose those tiny white pumpkins! Don’t forget to use different shades of white; mix your cream, eggshell, vanilla, tan etc. The contrast will be stunning!

hop Area Rugs at Doerr Furniture New Orleans

Low-Pile, Surya

hop Area Rugs at Doerr Furniture New Orleans

High-Pile, Surya

Add a beautiful area rug to your space to create a beautiful gathering place. We have chosen are top two choices to go with a transitional living space. Choose an area rug that compliments your look with out over-powering it with too much pattern, or color.

We love the look of these two simple pattern’s from Surya. Both are made from  100% Wool, Hand Woven materials.The rug with a low pile thread would allow a lot of foot traffic with out the need for fussy maintenance. It has a flat look that will appear unchanged for a long period of time, offering an incredibly durable surface for you and your family.

The Tasman, by Surya is also a stunning choice and offers a plush high-pile feel that creates an incredibly cozy – comfortable feeling under your feet. We also love that this area rug has a unique geometric design that will contrast well with the natural beauty of your home, with out being too busy, however still makes a beautiful statement.

Did you love these looks? Find them this weekend at Doerr Furniture, ” You’re Gonna Love This Weekend” sales event. We have exclusive living, dining and bedroom furniture for a refreshingly affordable price. We encourage our customers to stop by Doerr Furniture and see just how beautiful our furniture truly is. We will see you there!

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3 New Looks For The Thanksgiving Dining of Your Dreams

Let’s talk dining rooms! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we have everything “dining” on our minds. Now is definitely the time to ask yourself whether or not you are prepared to host the Thanksgiving of your dreams. Let’s start by saying the perfect dining room spread will make everything that much better this holiday season. We’d like to showcase for you our top choices for a gorgeous dinner this evening, and for years to come. We have dining tables for every style and size preference, looks for every home.

Shop Doerr Furniture Dining Rooms

1. Chic Style: do you live in a smaller apartment, or have limited room in your home for a large dining space? Opt for a circular table — it will save you space and will look flawless! This beautiful Hooker Furniture design is gorgeous and pairs well with a mix of chairs both with tufted seating and with out.

Shop Doerr Furniture Dining Room Table

2. Timeless Looks: This look is both timeless and sophisticated we absolutely love  this look from Hooker Furniture. The soft edges and flawless curves paired with the beautifully tufted seating make this style stand out. Influenced by a sun washed look and a casual attitude give this piece a reclaimed character.

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3. Vintage Elegance: This look is stunning with it’s gracious style and impeccable design. Grounded in beauty and refinement — this look is for a  vintage inspired dining space. Pair this incredible Dining table with a chandelier and a large Parisian Area Rug and you will master an incredible design. Shop This Look now at Doerr Furniture‘s showroom.

Make this Thanksgiving one to remember and create an area that will conjure warmth and welcome with you and your guests — a dinner everyone will be thankful for — stop by Doerr Furniture and let our helpful designers show you exactly what it takes to create a stylish Dining space.

For these incredible looks at a refreshingly affordable price, shop Doerr Furniture.

Now for a limited time only, shop Doerr’s Home For The Holiday’s Sales event! Now through November! Hurry in and take advantage of these amazing prices on quality furniture.

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Holiday Style Guide: New Styles For a Timeless Living Space

Great furniture creates, and carries, memories across time

Fall in love with this new luxury furniture from Stickley. The Chicago Sofa is truly timeless and gives us a connection to the past — a beautiful choice for an incredibly luxurious living space. This new sofa is as pleasing to sit in as it is to look at — plush seating matched with an incredibly durable leather back and arms. We are proud to showcase this incredible new Sofa at Doerr Furniture, just in time for the Holiday season. Stop in today and experience these luxury furniture items.

Conjure warmth and welcome this Holiday Season…

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans For Stickley Chicago Collection

Traditional style and organic forms — this Quality furniture is crafted with precious hardwoods and beautiful details to emphasize sophistication. The Chicago Sofa from Stickley has a lovely contrast of upholstery and leather complimenting the rich hues of various hard woods.

Have fun pairing your favorite patterns and accessories to detail this luxurious sofa. This new product is on the floor at Doerr Furniture, just in time for the Holiday’s!

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans Stickley Chicago Sofa

Clean lines and attention to function and style make Stickley’s new line truly timeless. Uniquely modern, yet possessing high levels of sophistication, comfort and precise craftsmanship. These furnishings will give you a connection to the past — the look is as appropriate in today’s home as it was over a century ago. Try this classic look with Stickley’s Chicago Sofa and pair it with a beautifully adorned area rug, as shown here.

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans Stickley Chicago Sofa

The Holidays are just around the corner and we have incredible styles and amazing living, dining and bedroom furniture to choose from. The best part? With our Home for the Holiday’s Sales Event, you will find amazing furniture store wide at a refreshingly affordable price, shop Doerr Furniture this Holiday season.

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Mattress Buying Guide; Tempur-Pedic and Serta iComfort Flash Sale

Do you find yourself tossing and turning each night, or do you often receive less than the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night? If you have answered yes to either — or you are looking for a more comfortable sleep — we have incredible specials going on right now at Doerr Furniture that will have you sleeping better in no time.

Shop Temperpedic Sale at Doerr Furniture New Orleans

Mattresses are a big commitment, we get it. Not to mention there are so many brands and styles to choose from. Quite often it seems incredibly tough to get exactly what you want, especially on a tight budget. What if we told you that now through November 3rd, you will have the choice to choose from a brand new Tempur-Pedic, or Serta iComfort Mattress at a fabulous price. Both Tempur Pedic and Serta iComfort have been been named the #1 Mattress brands in America, and with good reason.

Shop Serta iComfort at Doerr Furniture

Are you looking for a new mattress, but also can think of a few items that you’d love for your home, too? Starting today, You will receive a $300 in-store credit with any purchase of a Tempur-Pedic Mattress! Sound like a great day of shopping? The best part, We’ll even throw in Free Delivery for those of you that live within 100 miles of Doerr Furniture.

Our Delivery Service is exceptionally helpful and extremely friendly — you can guarantee your mattress, or furniture will be handled with the utmost care. When you see our bright Green and maroon delivery truck at your house, get ready to experience your new mattress!

Doerr Delivery Service New Orleans

This is an incredible offer and it won’t last long; now through November 3rd, you can receive a Brand new Tempur-Pedic and receive a $300 in store credit, for all of your home decorating needs. 12 months Special Financing and Free Delivery up to 100 miles from Doerr Furniture! Stop in today and experience Doerr Furniture.

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Doerr Furniture’s Expert Advice on Custom Made Furniture

Doerr Furniture New Orleans In-Home Design Service

Whatever your goal, Doerr Furniture can help you pull it all together.

Looking for signature pieces that are exactly the way you want them to be? This might seem like it could be hard — not to mention time consuming – however, at Doerr Furniture we are experts in walking you through our stress-free process to get exactly what you want. Whether it is a custom sofa, chair, ottoman, sectional, recliner, love-seat, or sleeper sofa; we make it easy, fun, worry free and exactly what you want. Have we mentioned, refreshingly affordable?

Shop Palliser Sofas at Doerr Furniture

We have lots of fabric and leather upholstery to choose from and our expert designers generally can rule out 75% of them in the first 5 minutes to get you to your top 2-3 choices. Looking and talking through each choice carefully, we guide you to your final fabric or leather decision. And of course there is time to consider whether or not you’ve made the right decision. That’s why we are here, to reassure you in your choice while backing with our experience and expertise of quality furniture and design.

Shop Doerr Furniture For Quality Custom Leather  Furniture

Custom make your furniture today and receive major savings, Doerr’s Love Your Home Event will be the answer to all of your design inquiries. Here You can choose your style, size and suitable material –plus free expert advice — all for a refreshing price.

Shop Doerr Furniture's Custom Made Furniture

Before you come in to receive expert design service on your custom choice furniture, here are a couple of things we ask from you first:

  1. Take multiple photos from different angles of the room.
  2. Get dimensions of the room and existing furniture — This will help determine the different sizes of your custom furniture can be and the way it will be situated in your space.
  3. Get dimensions of existing furniture and bring a cushion and/or throw pillows from furniture you plan on keeping.
  4. Are you keeping your Area rug? Take a close up clear photo of the rug so we can see colors and style.
  5. Then finally come with ideas of colors you can picture your new custom furniture to be.

Creating your custom piece will take about 1-2 hours so why not make a day of it, bring a girlfriend and have fun custom designing your furniture!

Shop Doerr Furniture’s Love Your Home Saving’s Event for beautiful Custom Made Furniture at an amazing price!

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How To Choose the Right Color For Your Space

Doerr Furniture New Orleans

Create Color to live with:

Naturally we all gravitate towards certain colors – it’s what catches our eyes and what is certain to make us double take. What color makes you feel at home?

Doerr Furniture In-Home Design Service New Orleans

There are important questions to first ask yourself when choosing the right color: Is this color livable? What shades do you already love and naturally gravitate towards in your everyday items? Look to clothes, art, and nature to find these shades.

Create balance: Your main goal should be to create balance; what colors do you want to be surrounded in? Be specific to what mood you’d like to create — stimulating or calming, romantic or simple. Color is to a room what rhythm is to music; set a mood that conjures warmth and welcome. There are no rules for what makes you feel the most at home.

Create an emotional temperature: neutrals create a calming atmosphere that let guests stay and linger with ease. Add color to liven things up; subtract it to calm things down. Whatever your personal style preference, showcase that uniqueness in your home. If you happen to gravitate towards cool blues and rejuvenating greens, this can make a space look fresh and restful. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with this — we say, life is vibrant, color it beautifully!

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Free In-Home Design Service

If you enjoy receiving expert advice on in-home design, we have incredibly talented and friendly style consultants that can show you the art of in-home design, absolutely free of charge! Stop by Doerr Furniture to take advantage of this amazing service. We believe in giving your home it’s full potential. Doerr will work with you and your unique style to create the most luxurious, memorable and beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of.

Hurry in now through Oct 27th, to Doerr Furniture and take advantage of our Love Your Home Event and find beautiful home furnishings that will compliment your unique style and color preference!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Leather Furniture

Have you been searching for a look that is filled with richness and beauty? A look that will last and is effortlessly timeless? How about a leather sofa?

Leather has been used all over the world for thousands of years. This incredibly durable, cleanable, and long-lasting material will leave you exceedingly satisfied for years to come. We’d like to give you some insight on choosing the right sofa for your space, starting with the right material. Leather provides a list of incredible benefits that you will love. Have we mentioned that with Doerr Furniture’s Leather Sale, all leather inventory is 40% off? That’s right. All of these beautiful looks for a refreshingly affordable price.

Shop Doerr Furniture's Leather Sale

1. The Look: Starting with the more obvious, leather looks beautiful. Our absolute favorite reason to love leather furniture is that with the everyday wear and tear, it only becomes more beautiful and unique. With other traditional styles and fabrics, they may start to look discolored and faded after moderate use. Leather furniture provides a lovely story, one in which you created. The older your leather sofa becomes, the more beautiful that story becomes.

Shop Doerr Furniture's All Leather Inventory Sale

2. The Strength and Durability: A leather Sofa will provide you with incredible strength and durability. When properly made with quality components it will outlast any other fabric, or material. According to some experts, leather furniture can last as much as four times longer than a regular fabric sofa.

3. Easy Clean: Leather sofas will clean much easier — with the right protection and sealant your spills will wipe right off! This is especially important with small children, or even pets.Shop Doerr Furniture's Leather SaleMaking the switch to leather furniture is absolutely worth it. The beauty alone would have anyone thinking leather, however the time saved cleaning up easy spills will be even more pleasing. Don’t believe us? Stop by Doerr Furniture and experience the ultimate luxury in leather. But hurry, our 40% Off Leather Inventory sale is this week only! We will see you here!

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Innovation in Seating: Benefits That Will Change Your Life

If you haven’t already heard about this new technology in seating, now is a great time to start. The highly acclaimed furniture company, Ekornes has engineered some of the most luxurious recliners, sofas and accessories on the market. This revolutionary concept of Stressless seating is at the top of most luxury furniture connoisseurs lists, and with great reason. The utmost comfort and simple design are harmonious in this uncomplicated design. Stressless home seating  will change your idea of comfort.

Let us shed the light on a few features that will change your life, starting with your most sacred times of the day…relaxing.

Stressless Home Seating at Doerr Furniture

Stressless Unique Glide System adheres to your specific body movements — of course we put this number one on our list. When it comes to seating, you’ve probably done this before;  you’re sitting on your current sofa and you twist and you turn, propping pillows to keep you upright. You then lie down only to realize you were more comfortable before, starting this whole uncomfortable process all over again…how stressful. The Stressless Glide system will  help promote the active motions you tend to make while seated. It will then memorize your preferences in one easy, uncomplicated step. As you lean back you will appreciate the wonderful feeling of the recliner following your every movement…hands free.

Stressless seating is unique for you, working with you and your curves. The stressless customized fit is offered in three unique shapes: small, medium and large. Furniture should fit your body just like your clothing, hugging your unique curves and movements. Renowned Stressless® technology puts your seating in harmony with your body all of the time.

Shop Stressless Seating at Doerr Furniture

Beautiful design and quality Leather: Not only are Stressless® recliners the ultimate comfort, they also guarantee a tailor-made design with the choice to choose which hue of genuine leather fits your home. Ekornes fabrics are made from high quality materials that provide great durability. Whenever Ekornes chooses a new fabric for the Stressless collection, they have to pass through extensive testing to comply with the strict Ekornes demands. Only the best textiles that can withstand “hard use” and “normal use” are accepted.

Shop Stressless Seating at Doerr Furniture

There is only one way to understand the feeling of complete luxury — You have to sit in one. Doerr Furniture encourages you to do so — then you will know what Stressless living truly is: the perfect fusion of support, beauty and function. Because when it comes to comfort, Stressless is uncompromising. You, of course, will be the judge.

For a limited time, Doerr Furniture will be offering a Stressless seating Buy More, Save More coupon for Stressless shoppers. We encourage our loyal customers to browse this line of incredible seating. Stop in today at Doerr Furniture to see the many benefits of stressless living.

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Our Top Picks: Doerr Furniture’s Flexsteel Inventory Sale

We’ve put together just a few of our favorite furniture pieces from our large Flexsteel factory sale, going on now — these limited time offers on luxury furniture and accessories will be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, at a price you will be very happy about, we guarantee it.

Here you will find absolutely stunning pieces that are traditional and rustic —  furnishings that look as appropriate in today’s home as they did over a century ago.

Below we have the beautiful plush Bay Bridge Sofa. This elegant sofa has classic rolled arms that are graced with a low sitting frame and a curvy back that creates beautiful flowing curves. The Bay Bridge is best paired with a beautiful embellished area rug — the lovely accent pieces and colors of this ornate rug compliment the colors of this beautiful plush sofa, shown below.

Shop Doerr Furniture Flexsteel Sale

Create a beautiful space that will conjure warmth and welcome with these traditional styles and organic forms. Quality furniture crafted with precious hardwoods and beautiful details to emphasize sophistication.

Experience casual elegance and lots of excitement with Flexsteel’s Digby Collection: these bold contemporary styles are a lot of fun and will go perfectly in any space. We particularly love the combination of the bright colors combined with the sleek dark legs of this furniture.

Shop Doerr Furniture Flexsteel Sale

We absolutely love the look of Flexsteel’s Forest Glen Collection:  The weathered and worn surfaces of these living room tables give them a real rugged and industrial design. The combination of the weathered wood and rustic brass give this living room a wonderful contrast.

Shop Flexsteel Sale at Doerr Furniture

We also have some great news for all of you furniture shoppers that prefer something a little more customized. At Doerr, we understand that everyone’s furniture taste varies — everything from the size of your space to the amount of people you have enjoying your furniture completely vary, that’s why we help our customers to tailor make and custom design their favorite furniture pieces!

Experience custom designed furniture at Doerr — beautiful colors, styles, and sizes to choose from!

Shop Doerr Furniture's Flexsteel Blog

Hurry in to Doerr Furniture to take advantage of these amazing deals on fabulous quality furniture. Just think, with this tremendous sale you could revamp your entire place for a refreshingly affordable price!

Now until September 29th you can shop these great deals at Doerr for our Flexsteels Factory Sale, But hurry this inventory will not last long!
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Design Ideas: How To Master the Perfect Traditional Living Space

Are you one to gravitate towards a traditional living space? Do you enjoy attractive, transitional findings that make a space look timeless and seemingly effortless? Great news, We have fantastic ideas for you…

We will be giving you a taste of some of our favorite designs by Flexsteel that offer a nice fresh take on a traditional design – the fun part, adding in mixes of fun colors and interesting statement pieces that will be easy to implement using these tips; have we mentioned that you won’t break the bank in the process?

…Ah yes, refreshingly affordable.

Shop Beautiful Flexsteel Sofas at Doerr Furniture

Looks We Love: We love using a neutral color palette and then adding in the layers of interest with simple statement pieces, beautifully adorned area rugs, and even a nice touch of natural elements. An elegant living room displays fine design with out appearing too flashy.

We love the look of a  neutral sofa, then adding interest and color later on — by doing this, you will easily transition your space into each season with ease using your favorite holiday décor.

Shop Flexsteel Traditional Living Rooms at Doerr Furniture

Highly fashioned, attractive pieces will make every room truly a luxury. The goal for a transitional living room is to make it warm, welcoming and most of all, comfortable for everyone to experience. A place a whole family can spend time in.

Our next favorite look is attractively dynamic; use a color palette that embraces color and pattern evenly. We love adding pops of turquoise paired with rustic elements for a nice contrast of color and design.

We can’t get enough of these beautiful furnishings shown below — there is just something so rustic and interesting about these natural wood and weathered brass tables — The color combo is absolutely stunning! I’m sure you can agree.

Shop Beautiful Flexsteel Living Rooms  At Doerr Furniture

The key to the most elegant and timeless living space is to Find traditional home furnishings that will not only last, but will be welcomed and embraced by each and every person who encounters them.

Now, get out there and Show case your inner designer! Make it seemingly effortless — we’ll keep a secret — let Doerr Furniture be the destination for all of your design ideas.

Now, enjoy all of these wonderfully designed furnishings at a refreshingly affordable price all at Doerr Furniture’s 40% Off Flexsteel Inventory Sale. We will see you there!

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