Doerr Furniture, the Perfect Fit

Doerr Furniture takes the frustration out of finding the perfect fitting mattress when you have a custom mattress project. We often have clients coming in looking for a custom mattress solution for their antique or heirloom bed frames, RV bed and bunks, sleeping quarters of their yacht or other custom mattress projects.

Antique Bed, Doerr Furniture, Custom Matresses

A lovely antique bed frame with a custom made mattress from the Doerr Furniture team.

Doerr offers two different comfort levels within our custom mattress collection;  firm gel foam or plush gel foam for ultimate comfort.

Once you have chosen the comfort level of your custom mattress, a member of the Doerr team will set up an appointment for an in-home consultation for measurements and dimensions of your custom mattress project.

Doerr Furniture, Louisiana, custom mattresses

Custom made mattress for an RV bunk.

After the in-home consultation, it’s a quick 2 weeks until the Doerr team returns for a complimentary installation and setup to be sure it’s the right fit. Doerr’s custom mattress team also offers an eco-friendly disposal service of your old mattress so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

All Doer furniture custom mattresses are made in Louisiana, so you know you’ll be getting a quality handmade mattress and supporting local business. If you ever experience a challenge or issue with your mattress for whatever reason, just give us a call here at Doerr Furniture and we will make sure you are taken care of.

Doerr Furniture, Custom Mattresses, louisiana

A custom made, custom cut mattress for a personal yacht captains quarters.

Summer Clearance Sale

Doerr Furniture

Beautiful chandelier available in the Summer Clearance Sale

The end of summer is a fantastic time to get new home furnishings at an excellent price. Especially when the price tags on fine name brand furnishings are getting cut by up to 50 percent.

Doerr Furniture, New Orleans , Clearance

Elegant hardwood dresser available on clearance at Doerr

Running now through August 24th Doerr Furniture is hosting their Summer Clearance Sale. Prices on name brand furniture pieces such as Theodore Alexander, Vaughn Bassett, Hancock & Moore, Flexsteel and Clipper Ship dining sets among other select lamps, art and accessories will be on clearance for up to 50 percent off.

Doerr Furniture

Wonderful ivory colored chair on clearance

Between all of these fine furniture brands one could certainly put together a plan for a wonderfully designed living space and carry it out utilizing Doerr’s Summer Clearance Sale especially with everything in the store unmarked for clearance receiving a 10 percent discount. See you soon friends!

Doerr Furniture

Transitional bed available in the Summer Clearance Sale at Doerr

Doerr Design Duo

Doerr Furniture

A beautifully designed contemporary living space by Jamie Mutter.

Perhaps it’s something you thought about in the past. Maybe it’s something you’re rolling around in the back of your mind right now. You’ve decided you want your living room redone. Perhaps you want to go with a mid-century modern look with some of your uniqueness. Maybe you want to go with some classic New Orleans flavor in your space. You want that perfect look but perhaps are having trouble pin pointing it in your head. Have you thought about consulting an interior designer?

Doerr hosts a team of professional Interior Design Society (IDS) members whom can help build and mold the space in your revamping cross-hairs. As a professional member of IDS certain team members constantly receive updates on industry trends and movements. Allowing these members quick access to an extensive network of industry connections.

With a combined 26 years of deeply rooted experience the Doerr design duo made up of Jamie Mutter, Director of Design Service and Theresa Beaubouef Purcell one of 11 other Doerr design consultants can take your idea and turn it into a scene worthy of any home design magazine.

Doerr Furniture

A wonderful living space designed by Theresa Purcell

“I provide credibility. I’ve studied the trends, I can help you pin point that particular look you’re going for. I have the background as well as the connections to set your space up exactly how you want.” Purcell said.

For Mutter and Purcell the process to this free design service starts with the customer. The duo seeks out the clients likes and interests in furniture style, color and pattern design. Once they have learned this information an in-home consultation is set up.

“During the in-home consultation we like to figure out things like dimensions and layout. This is also a good time for the client to let us know what pieces they want to stay in the room, like a rug received from a loved one.” Said Mutter. “Once we have been to the clients home, heard the wants of the client and taken measurements of the spaces to be designed then we move to the design plan.

Doerr Furniture

Design layout from Theresa Purcell.

The design plan includes styles, patterns and possible pieces the client would like based on discussions between the client and designer. Floor plans and a design presentation are prepared and presented to the client. Once approval has been given then the project begins.

The Doerr design duo can be reached by appointment or walk in. Mutter typically prefers appointments where Theresa typically prefers walk-ins. She feels that walk-ins tend to be a little more adventurous. If you have any questions or would like some design pointers please call Jamie Mutter at (504) 947-0606 ext 109 or Theresa Purcell at (504) 947- 0606 ext. 110.

Back to School Furnishings

Doerr Furniture back to school furniture

A beautiful 2 cushion sofa-sleeper perfect for any college housing situation.

We’re only a few short weeks away from the 2015 fall semester! It’s time to start prepping for your college room this year! Your home away from home, and most importantly your sanctuary when you’re not cramming for the next exam at the library.

First things first, storage. Chances are you’re going to be tight on space when you get into your new room. So, get creative when it comes to space conservation. Where you can’t store horizontally, start storing vertically. Think vertical dressers, Beds with lots of storage underneath and desks with lots of pull out drawers for storage will be imperative to your organization.

Doerr Furniture

Back to school furnishings

Next up is comfort. A comfortable bed and mattress is imperative since your spot is most likely going to be tight on space. When you’re in your room you want it to be comfortable and inviting. Doerr Furniture has the perfect selection of beds and mattresses for tight college housing, be sure to stop in and check us out.

Now that you’ve got your room under control. Don’t forget about the main room or living space where you and your friends will spend a significant amount of time. A comfortable sofa will be imperative in your living space, but on those nights when you’ve got a friend or two staying over it’s nice to also have a spot for them to crash. A sleeper sofa is the perfect answer for this situation and Doerr Furniture would love to pair you with a great piece that can be sofa by day and sleeper by night.

Doerr Furniture

A wonderful contemporary sofa available at Doerr Furniture

Opportunists with moral responsibility and financial opportunity

Dieckhoff I Bell Doerr Furniture

Dieckhoff I Bell End tables

Have you ever wondered what happens to scrap material from construction sites? Owners of furniture manufacture company Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made often did. The difference between David Dieckhoff and Daniel Bell from other folks is their backgrounds in construction and architecture design.

“New Orleans is undergoing a renaissance of construction and renovation. David and I feel we are in the right place at the right time and have an opportunity to save these one of a kind materials from landfills and use them to create a sustainable business model that seeks to bring high quality custom furniture into people’s homes.” Bell said.

Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made Doerr Furniture

Dieckhoff I Bell draped tables

Bell and Dieckhoff started working together 3-4 years ago when Bell rented space in the same shop as Dieckhoff. Dieckhoff comes from an architecture and design based background and worked several years in a design collective that focuses on designing and building furniture. Bell also has experience working in commercial mill-work shops which exposed him to the finer craft of furniture and cabinet making aside from his construction background which helped spark the idea for a business model.

Bell and Dieckhoff salvage materials from construction sites and create high end quality custom furniture. The two decided to make things a bit more formal after working together on projects for several years and started Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made. Belle and Dieckhoff consider themselves opportunists who have not just a moral responsibility to keep excess construction amterials out of landfills, but also a financial opportunity to create another form of income intrinsically linked to their work in construction and renovation of historical buildings.

Dieckhoff I Bell Doerr Furniture

Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made hardwood dining table

“We have done several commissioned pieces together and currently have three pieces of custom furniture for sale at Doerr. A coffee table, book case and a media console. All three built from salvage wood from a construction project of mine. We are also currently working on designing and building several more pieces to exhibit at Doerr furniture.” Bell said.

If you have any questions or would like to see what  Dieckhoff I Bell Custom Made pieces are up for grabs at Doerr please give us a shout at (504) 947-0606.

Wonky Woodwork’s Artist Spotlight

Wonky Woodworks, Doerr Furniture

Wonky Woodworks chalkboard piece

A weathered look, with a unique story is always nice when it comes to furnishing or accessorizing a home’s living space. There’s something about capturing a “did it yourself” look that really grabs peoples eye balls and makes brains think ‘Wow, that’s really cool!” Well, a local New Orleans artist recently decided to take a DIY hobby and make it her full time passion.

Rebekah Perre aka Wonky of Wonky Woodworks specializes in taking pallets and turning them into beautiful, creative home accessories and furniture pieces. Yes wood pallets, you know, those square, wooden bases used to easily transport almost all of the world’s products? Yeah those pallets.

“I got started recycling pallets into an outdoor sectional sofa with a chaise for my husband in the spring of 2014. There were a lot of leftover scraps that I started playing with and came up with my chalkboards and hooks.” Perre said.

Wonky Woodworks, Doerr Furniture

Coat hanger offered by Wonky Woodworks

Once Perre made that first outdoor sectional friends and family started placing their orders and encouraging Perre to take it on full time as a business. Perre said her husband gave her the funds to get started and has been behind her ever since supporting her “kooky obsession with pallets.”

As Perre really got into her first few pallet projects, she realized that perfection wasn’t going to be much of an option in her pieces. “The pallets can be very well worn by the time I get them and the end results were always a bit… wonky.” Perre said.

Doerr Furniture, Wonky Woodworks

Coffee tray made by Wonky Woodworks

Perre can usually be found at the Mandeville Trailhead Market on Saturday mornings. The Mandeville Market is actually how Wonky Woodworks teamed up with Doerr. “Shane Mutter (CEO of Doerr Furniture) did a double take at one of my pieces while walking past my booth at the Market” Perre said.

Ever since, Doerr has been selling pieces by Wonky Woodworks showcased on their sales floor. Perre would like to keep Wonky Woodworks relatively small by selling to a few more local North Shore stores and offering customizable pieces to locals and visitors alike. “I would like for more people to know that Wonky is not just about wall art, there are also several furniture pieces that can be made using pallets.”

If you have any questions or would like to see what  Wonky Woodworks pieces are up for grabs at Doerr please give us a shout at (504) 947-0606.

dinner table 1416712005240

Mob City Metals boys take the spotlight

Mob City Metals, Doerr Furniture, Alabama, New Orleans

Mob City Metals CEO David Herbert crafting another piece

Mob City Metals, Doerr Furniture, New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama

The Mob City metals team Brooks Conkle, Left and David Herbert, Right pose for a photo.

Mob City Metals, Doerr Furniture, New Orleans, Louisiana, Mobile, Alabama

Old box Chevy truck tailgate used to make a coffee table.


When creativity, passion and what seems to typically be a side project mix, sparks apparently fly. No literally, little sparks, or beads known as slag fly. Especially with Doerr furniture’s new partner Mob City Metals; a metal fabrication company which focuses on furniture, design and art through the use of welding and creative visions of David Herbert. Owner and creator of Mob City Metals. Herbert started Mob City Metals a couple years back in 2013. He got his welding start in the shipyard of Austal, a designer and manufacturer of defense and commercial ships out of Mobile, Alabama. Herbert got sick of the politics as a supervisor and left the shipyard industry to pursue endeavors as an entrepreneurial artist. Since leaving the shipyard industry, Herbert took a side business specialized in welding he owned since his days at Austal and eventually made that business, now Mob City Metals, into his primary business and life passion. “I realized that if people take pictures of rusted cars and hang them on their walls, maybe they would hang a piece of the car on their walls too.” Herbert said.

Mob City Metals, Doerr Furniture, New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama

Mob City Metals owner and CEO David Herbert working on an order.

Mob City Metals, Doerr Furniture, New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama

A table made from an old Chevrolet truck.


As slag flew, so did Herbert’s business opportunities. With Brooks Conkle, Herbert’s old real estate agent and business partner running the front side of things, Mob City Metals expanded from start-up artists to a small artistic business. A friend of Conkle’s works for a company whose furniture is sold by Doerr, that friend put Conkle and Doerr in contact. Doerr allowed Mob City Metals to sell some of their furniture pieces on consignment. Not long after that Doerr got so many requests about coffee tables made from old cars and entertainment consoles made from 1984 Jimmy’s that they started placing orders with Mob City Metals.

With a demand for their artistic products and an outlet to sell them Mob City Metals seems to be taking care of business and onto the start of a promising come-up with some friendly help from Doerr Furniture.

If you have any questions or would like to see what  Mob City Metals pieces are up for grabs at Doerr please give us a shout at (504) 947-0606.

On the horizon, artist spotlights

Local seems to be all the rage lately. Rightfully so, buy local right? It helps support the community around you. Here at Doerr Furniture we love the idea of supporting local businesses, which is why we’re excited for this months line up of posts.

Over the course of July we’ll be spotlighting several different artists:

Mob City Metals out of Mobile Alabama,

Mob City Metal logo

Wonky Woodworks, out of Covington, LA,

Wonky Woodworks Chalkboard creation

and Daniel Bell LLC out of New Orleans. All of whose work we have available for sale.

Keep an eye out! Each week we’ll spotlight one of these businesses for the rest of July.

Stressless Life – Designed With Your Well-Being In Mind

Committed to comfort philosophy for over 40 years — designed with your well-being in mind.

Shop Stressless Furniture at Doerr Furniture

Whether you’ve heard of Stressless seating, or you haven’t, it’s pretty easy to guess why many people are making the switch. Stressless furniture is one of the most famous comfort furniture brands on the market – design, function and comfort are all at the heart of the Stressless mission. Many people have their own reasons for loving Stressless —  we’ve came up with a few benefits that we recommend for your well being. We’ll make your decision to go Stressless a whole lot easier — your chiropractor may even agree with us.

Features that will change your life, starting with your most sacred times of the day…relaxing.

Stressless Home Seating at Doerr Furniture

Stressless Unique Glide System adheres to your specific body movements — of course we put this number one on our list. The Stressless Glide system will help promote the active motions you tend to make while seated. It will then memorize your preferences in one easy, uncomplicated step. As you lean back you will appreciate the wonderful feeling of the recliner following your every movement…hands free.

Stressless is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

essless Seat at Doerr Furniture

Stressless seating is unique for you, working with you and your curves. The Stressless customized fit is offered in three unique shapes: small, medium and large. Furniture should fit your body just like your clothing, hugging your unique curves and movements.

Renowned Stressless® technology puts your seating in harmony with your body all of the time.

Shop Stressless Seating at Doerr Furniture

Beautiful design and quality Leather. Not only are Stressless® recliners the ultimate comfort, they also guarantee a tailor-made design with the choice to choose which hue of genuine leather fits your home. Ekornes fabrics are made from high quality materials that provide great durability. Whenever Ekornes chooses a new fabric for the Stressless collection, they have to pass through extensive testing to comply with the strict Ekornes demands. Only the best textiles that can withstand “hard use” and “normal use” are accepted. We recommend that you try it — you will not regret it.

Stressless living is the perfect combination of comfort, function and style.

New Beginnings At Doerr Furniture

“We are constantly monitoring our manufacturers for quality and production time. We also look to manufacturers that are family-owned, because we find there is a certain amount of pride, care and compassion that comes from businesses that have their name on the product.” – Shane Mutter, CEO and President of Doerr Furniture.

Shane Mutter of Doerr Furniture Doerr Furniture, a fourth generation, family operated residential furniture store serving the Gulf Coast for over 76 years, has announced that its Board of Directors elected Mr. Shane Mutter as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Doerr Furniture.

Julian Mutter was the company’s third generation president and today serves as President Emeritus. For Julian, trust, quality, integrity and strong partnerships were the guiding principles of doing business. Now, the fourth generation of family management continues the traditions of the family founders. Shane Mutter will lead Doerr’s future into the next generation and is accompanied by David Mutter, Vice President of Marketing, Brett Mutter, Operation Manager, Amy Freese, Senior Director of Merchandising and Jamie Mutter, Director of Design Services.

“We are extremely pleased to add a fourth generation family member to lead our family company,” said Julian Mutter.  “Shane is an excellent fit with Doerr Furniture and his background makes him the right person to lead our company to the next level of its growth and development, while continuing to embrace and uphold our core values of providing quality at an exceptional value and trust with our customers and community.

Doerr Furniture New Orleans

“I am honored to become my family’s fourth generation president and lead our family into the next generation,” said Shane Mutter.  “The Mutter family has created a strong foundation of smart business practices and genuine care and concern for their family of employees and customers.  Those cornerstones are timeless and will continue to hold true for our family owned and operated business as we forge into the future.”

Doerr Furniture is located at the corner of Elysian Fields & Burgundy, in the Faubourg Marigny, just five blocks from the Mississippi River. Connect with Doerr Furniture on Facebook ( or visit for more information.

Stop by Doerr Furniture and take advantage of our exclusive Festival of Furniture Sale going on now! We’d love to see you!

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