Adapting Your Furniture Taste To Your Changing Lifestyle

Is that couch you bought in college clashing with your beautiful wall art? Is your leather sofa getting torn up by your puppy’s nails or stained by the kiddos juice? Whether you inherited antiques and now want a more modern look or your children have grown and you now want to entertain, you have an array of furniture options to fit your lifestyle.

Manufacturers have made changes in furniture styles and designs to adapt to these changes. Shane Mutter, President and CEO shared, “Nowadays, brands design beautiful, yet functional furniture with convenient features in every price range. This ensures that you have affordable style options that can be customized so that you can create a living environment that will enhance and reflect your lifestyle.” Since your furniture needs and style changes, we’ve shared some tips on how to adapt your furniture taste to your changing lifestyle, starting with empty nesters.

Empty Nesters

“The White Leather Sofa”

For recent empty nesters, you’ve most likely been putting off purchasing new furniture for a couple of decades, so now is the perfect time to finally buy that white couch you always loved! Until now, buying a white, leather sofa was not an option, but now you can because your two kids have left for college. There are great options, like a Stressless sectional couch that is a comfortable, super soft leather with ottoman.

And, if you like the size and shape of your sofa or chair, but want to change the color or pattern, then custom design slipcovers are just what you need! Some brands have over a thousand fabrics and leathers to choose from like the unique Four Seasons slipcover system. Change your cover whenever you want; whether for the beginning of a new season or you are just bored with your current look.

Heirloom Furniture

There are beautiful heirloom furniture brands, such as solid wood Stickley furniture and timeless, classic pieces from Theodore Alexander. Now is a great time to invest in furniture that can be passed down for generations in your family for years to come. Whether it’s a quaint, yet detailed rocking chair or a regal office desk, you’ll be happy with the quality and personality they will add to any room.


Downsized Entertaining

If you are looking for a smaller dining room table but still need the extra space when the family comes over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, then we recommend a round dining room set like Fine Furniture. This roundtable will serve as a focal point of the room while not overwhelming it, and will provide you with extra space for company with six 9” leaves that extend to 78”.

Empty nesters have many options to change their home to what they need, and it can be overwhelming. At Doerr Furniture, we have expert designers that are happy to help you make the process fun and enjoyable. Our advice is always free!

Also, don’t miss our next blog post with recommendations for new parents!

Stickley Furniture: Over 100 Years of Lasting Value

Here at Doerr Furniture, we are extremely proud to be the exclusive Stickley gallery dealer for Louisiana because we share their values of enduring tradition, superior craftsmanship and believe in their unshakeable philosophy of excellence that they have had for over 100 years. 

In order to truly appreciate Stickley Furniture, you must know a little about its history. Founded in 1900 by brothers, Gustav, Leopold and John George Stickley, Stickley Furniture has set the standards for innovative design and superior construction for generations.  At a time when early industrial furniture featured gaudy ornamentation and shoddy workmanship, the Stickley brothers created screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-10-19-59-pminnovative designs that made beautifully crafted furniture practical to use and exceedingly durable – a perfect match for the new ways American families wanted to live.

Emulating the style of William Morris, the leader and champion of the English Arts and Crafts movement, the Gustav Stickley first introduced his “mission” or “craftsman style” furniture line in 1905.  Rejecting ornamentation and valuing craftsmanship, he based his design on rectilinear forms; solid construction and durable joinery.  Believing in the “honesty” of working in natural woods, Gustave said it best when he labeled his original pieces with the Flemish slogan “Als ik kan,” or “To the best of my ability”.

By 1907, the American Arts and Crafts movement was increasingly popular in the United States, supporting a work ethic based on handicraft.  Gustav Stickley, who saw himself as a visionary of the movement, published The Craftsman magazine which included architectural plans for a “better, more reasonable way of living”.  By 1915, the changing tastes in furniture and the financial strain of his business ventures (Craftsman Farms and the Craftsman Building), forced screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-10-23-13-pmhim into bankruptcy.  He died in 1942 and although Leopold and John George Stickley continued to run the furniture business, it only remained solvent because of its contracts to build desks and chairs for nearby schools.

In 1958 Leopold died, leaving his widow Louise Stickley to run the company.  As sales continued to decline due to Stickley imitations flooding the market, Louise considered closing the company.  In 1973, she offered to sell the company to Alfred Audi, son of E.J. Audi, Stickley’s largest dealer in New York.  Audi, who still owned his Stickley bed from childhood, bought the Stickley factory with a promise to cherish the company’s history and reputation and maintain its legendary quality and style. 

By the mid 70’s, a change in decorating trends brought the Arts and Crafts Furniture to the forefront.  Mission Oak furniture was featured in interior design publications and collectors db34ac9b3dc6ad836c99b3986df1e10awere paying top dollar for some of Gustav Stickley’s original work.  This was good news for Stickley Audi & Co., who began by reproducing 30 to 40 items from the original Mission Oak line as well as introducing mission-style lamps and accessories based on Gustav’s original designs.

Applying the same high standards to construction, along with the possibilities for new and reissued designs of the American Arts & Crafts movement, Stickley Audi & Co continued to grow adding its Metropolitan line (a contemporary Mission Oak), the 21st Century Mission line and its fine line of quality upholstered furniture.

Today, the 113-year-old Stickley Audi & Co. proudly has a work force of 1,400, three manufacturing plants, 13 company-owned showrooms and an extensive network of retail dealers. 

4 Reasons To Buy Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture CraftsmanMost of what we know about Amish, we learned during grade school. You may even remember being shocked when you first heard that most Amish do not drive automobiles. To understand why Amish Furniture is known for its master craftsmanship, you must first realize that it is more than just a style, it is a standard. Amish have passed their furniture making skills down through many generations and they do not compromise their standard of excellence. 

The horse and buggy, an iconic symbol associated with Amish, represents their choice of slow and methodical work instead of fast and convenient.  In the Amish way of life, there is a focus on simple living featuring self-sustaining communities that take an abundance of pride in daily hand crafted work, from farming to clothing and furniture.

Here are 4 reasons to buy Amish furniture:

  1. Durable Hardwood
    • Constructed of beautiful North American hardwoods, the solid wood construction of Amish furniture will stand the test of time.  When you buy Amish furniture, you are making an investment in an heirloom that will last for generations instead of being replaced every few years. A great example of this is the Amish furniture maker, Palettes by Winesburg, that are a third generation company of lumber specialists. They hand-select the best of the cherry, oak, maple, walnut or hickory tree to bring you the best quality.  They take pride in their kiln drying process that ensures that each piece of wood is moisture checked to avoid splitting or cracking, a problem rampant in imported furniture.
  2. Artistically Hand Crafted Furniture
    • When you buy Amish furniture, you are buying a work of art. Each piece is handcrafted, by a trained craftsman who has selected a piece of solid hard woodDaniel's Amish Bedroom Furniture, such as oak, cherry or maple, to create your furniture. Many Amish furniture makers, like Daniel’s Amish, have custom furniture groups that are perfectly suited to your needs and have a variety of styles and options. After selecting a wood that offers strength, precision and uniformity, they take their time to bring out the character and personality of the wood and have no tolerance for imperfections. Daniel’s Amish offers 50 stunning wood finishes with 70 distinctive hardwood options. The result – a unique and perfectly handcrafted piece of furniture.
  3. Superior Construction
    • When you buy Amish furniture, you bring home an individually handcrafted piece made to order instead of from an assembly line from 100% solid (no veneer or particleboard).  Known for their attention to detail and pride in their work, the Amish never take shortcuts.  From dovetail drawers, mortise and tenon joints, and full extension drawer slides, it will be built with quality, proven furniture construction techniques that ensure long-lasting durability.
  4. Responsible and Sustainable
    • The Amish are environmentally responsible and take special care in selecting their Palettes by Winesburg Amish Furniture - Hartford Dining Room Tablematerials for furniture production.  Their wood source is usually located within a reasonable distance to the network of Amish craftsmen so that they can reduce the carbon footprint of wood shop.  With a standard to reduce waste, the Amish community utilizes every part of the tree that is harvested, from transforming the remaining wood chips into landscaping much or using the scraps for fuel for heating or bedding for farm animals.

Finding Furniture Styles To Blend With The Flavor Of Your Neighborhood: The Garden District


Fleur de Lis Iron Fence in the Garden District. Photo by vxla.

Fleur de Lis Iron Fence in the Garden District. Photo by vxla.


Once you travel up St. Charles Avenue and see antebellum mansions alongside intricate “gingerbread” Victorian style cottages on streets that bear the names of Greek Muses, you will understand the irresistible lure of the Garden District.  With its large oak trees, crepe myrtles, hibiscus, and bougainvillea, the sights and scents of the Garden District make it one of New Orleans’ most beautiful neighborhoods.

Mapped out in 1806 by Barthelemy Lafon as an open, semi-urban system of interrelated parks with basins, fountains and canals, the Garden District is bordered by St. Charles Avenue to the north, First Street to the east, Magazine Street to the south and Toledano Street to the west.  Once plantations that were divided into lots and sold to the rising mercantile elite, this area was perfect for those who wanted to settle outside of the crowded French Quarter.  Named the “Garden District” because each block only had two houses surrounded by a large garden, this area soon became the premier place to design and build a luxurious home.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Garden District remains the city’s most prestigious neighborhood with many of its homes showcasing the prosperity of New Orleans during that time period.

Expanding The Garden

With its stately white-columned Greek Revival mansions and double-galleried Italianate houses, the Garden District wasn’t always about gardens.  In fact, up until the late 18th century, the only residential outdoor spaces in New Orleans were paved areas used for cows.  It was the residents of the Garden District who had the innovative idea to have their backyards serve as a luxurious oasis to the crowded city.  With the perfect southern climate to make a year round garden with camellias, magnolias, azaleas, jasmine, roses, with a tropical flair of palms and elephant ears and Birds of Paradise, the magic and romance of this neighborhood was born.

And when lush outdoor space is at a premium, such as in the backyards of these stately homes, the next natural step was to make it functional by adding a shaded outdoor area.  Amy Freese, Doerr’s Senior Director of Merchandising explained, “The current trend in the Garden District is to add more outdoor living space.  Just imagine getting the best of both worlds, beautiful home situated minutes from all the excitement of Downtown New Orleans, yet the peaceful, restful serenity of your own backyard.”

Certainly if you already have lush dazzling gardens equipped with a water fountain, fancy terrace or gazebos, you would want the ability to entertain in this majestic space.  “Residents began to replace the decorative wrought iron pieces with comfortable chairs and sofas when they started adding covered patios and outdoor kitchens,” Freese added.

To compliment their beautiful gardens, Amy had outdoor furniture recommendations to fit every style and taste. From Klaussner’s, featuring elaborate frame designs that resemble wrought iron to the more elegant Winston and Braxton Culler.

Klaussner’s Simple Elegance dining furniture offers outdoor living that is comfortable, stylish and durable with customized seating and versatile fabric colors that gives you choices to match all your outdoor needs.


Furniture resembling wrought iron but more cozy.

Winston caters to the style-conscious yet discriminating consumer, by offering 29 furniture collections, in 550 different fabrics and 12 frame finishes.  You can special order your furniture in the style, fabric and finish that suits your needs and have it arrive within a few weeks.

Comfortable and durable glider sofa.

Comfortable and durable glider sofa.

Known for their distinctive lightweight Wicker and Rattan, Braxton Culler specializes in beautiful outdoor furnishings, from complete sofa and chair sets to individual swivel rockers.  With your choice of over 1,000 fabrics, 15 unique wood finishes and 20 shades of wicker, there is something for every taste.

Wicker & Rattan adds elegance to any outdoor setting.

Wicker & Rattan adds elegance to any outdoor setting.

5 Steps to Give Your Room a Makeover

Summer is well under-way, and we know you’re busy! So busy in fact, that you probably haven’t had time to give your home that summer feel. At Doerr Furniture, we completely understand this, and have some expert tips to help you refresh your home affordably.

1. Use patterns to add interest, color and depth to your room.

Our first recommendation is that before you mix patterns throughout your room, you can start with accent pillows.  First lay out all your possible pattern choices and group them by color.  Once you group the different shades of color, you can focus on which pattern will work best.  Selecting an odd number of patterns works best, so pick 3 or 5 patterns in three different scales.  A large scale pattern should be the biggest and boldest and incorporate all the colors in the room.  Next pick a medium pattern that incorporates most of the colors and a small pattern that highlights two or three colors.  Finally, look at the relationships between the scale of pattern and color and read the room as a whole.

You can add contrast by working with different colors and different scales of pattern.

You can add contrast by working with different colors and different scales of pattern.

2. Make “scale” work for you.

How your furniture is arranged in a room not only affects the flow of traffic but also the mood of the room.  “Scale” refers to how the furnishings fit in your room and how they look next to each other.  If your furnishings have a similar scale, you will have a more serene look, however, to add visual interest you can vary furniture with different physical qualities of height, depth and width.  People always think that the room is bigger than it is, so make sure you have your measurements with you whenever you are shopping for furniture or accessories.

3. Pay attention to lighting.

Lighting is extremely important because it affects how we see color.  When a color looks different under varied conditions, it is referred to as metamerism.  Some colors, such as grays, taupes, gray-blue, gray-greens, lavenders, and mauves are more metameristic than others.

Because there is a complex interplay between the reflected colors from furnishings, wall, window, and floor coverings in a room, you need to make your selections under the correct lighting in your actual space.  Natural light will provide the best balance between the warm and cool ends of the light spectrum however it is not consistent.  Pay attention to where your natural light is coming from at different times of the day and under various weather conditions.

Lighting will affect the color of your room.

Lighting will affect the color of your room.

4. Try different textures.

Adding texture not only adds dimension to a room, it also sets the mood.  Silky pillows and velvet slipcovers make a space more formal, while denim slipcovers and corduroy pillows add a comfortable feel.  Note that the texture of a fabric will affect the appearance of color because different textures absorb and reflect light off their surface.  Satin and silks reflect light whereas wool will absorb light and make the color look warmer.

Different textures can bring added depth and character to your room.

Different textures can bring added depth and character to your room.

5. Create an accent wall.

Whether you’d like to define a living space or spotlight a treasured piece of artwork or architectural feature, an accent wall can create a striking, unique design element.  First use similar colors in fabrics, finishes, accessories, and furnishings to create a seamless transition from space, then decide where you want the eye to focus for the most impact.  Pull your accent color from your rug or furniture and create a focal point for your art or a particular area of interest, such as a fireplace.

There you have it! Our expert advice from our team of design consultants! Hope these tips help you transform your home into the summer oasis you look forward to enjoying every day.

Finding Furniture Styles To Blend With The Flavor Of Your Neighborhood: The Marigny


A home in the second New Orleans suburb Faubourg Marigny.


Faubourg, the French word for “false town”, refers to a suburb that is governed by a city but is outside of its boundaries.  The second New Orleans suburb, the Faubourg Marigny was created in 1806 by Bernard Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, who after inheriting his father’s plantation, subdivided it and sold the land in parcels.  Originally settled by French-speaking free people of color, working class whites, and immigrants, it is now home to mix of native New Orleans and recent transplants who blend old-style and contemporary bohemianism with an overall artistic flair.


The Marigny suffered from neglect and deterioration in the 1950’s when the working class began moving to larger suburbs.  Located at the corner of Elysian Fields and Burgundy Street since 1938, Doerr Furniture has witnessed many changes to the Marigny neighborhood.  Shane Mutter, President and CEO of Doerr said the neighborhood was at its lowest point when it was filled with abandoned houses and crime was on the rise.  But in 1971 when the New Orleans City Council adopted historic zoning for the Marigny, its revitalization began.  Native New Orleanians and recent “transplants” to the Marigny renovated many of the creole and classic cottages, often saving them from the jaws of demolition.  “Now, the area surrounding us is thriving.  People continue to move here, buy houses and take the time and money to refurbish them.  The best part is you can tell they are doing it from the heart; not just to make a buck and leave,” Mutter said.


With its vibrant architecture, from quaint shotguns and colorful cottages to modern townhomes, history and urban blend into a perfect harmony in the Marigny.  And because people who live there truly appreciate art, they freely mix color and style.  As Amy Freese, Doerr’s Senior Director of Merchandising explained, “In the Marigny, they have the confidence to blend different styles, such as antiques with contemporary pieces, tend to lean towards bold and brilliant colors, and are always on the lookout for creative designs”.

The current trend in the Marigny is to purchase home furnishings that are made from repurposed and recycled materials. “The Marigny, because of its history, is a place that mixes old and new and has an appreciation for revitalized pieces,” Freese added.   For example, the coffee tables from MobCityMetals are made from the hoods of vintage automobiles.  Each piece is unique and comes with its own story and personality.


A unique coffee table made from MobCity Metals on display in Doerr!

Boho themed rugs, such as Surya line are made to look aged.  They have antique patterns that have been updated to add color and artistic flair to any room.


These rugs are made to look aged and have been updated to add color to any space.

Finally, if you are looking for that eclectic piece of functional art, try this wall art from The Recycler.  These wonderful pieces are made from recycled materials bicycles and are not only functional and repurposed, they are also a great conversation piece.


This is one of many pieces made from recycled and re-purposed bicycle parts.

 Over the last 78 years, Doerr Furniture has adapted to the changing rhythm of the Marigny, by understanding its history and current trends.  Offering a variety of quality solid wood furniture designed to fit the smaller scale of the historic homes as well as mid-century to contemporary furniture, Doerr has a style to fit every taste.

The Great Leather Sell Off

Take advantage of Doerr Furniture’s biggest leather sale ever! In fact this is the biggest leather sale in Doerr’s history! We have too much leather inventory and it all has to go!

Doerr Furniture Leather Selloff

Get this beautiful leather sofa for only $2,069, regularly $3,449.

Leather sofas, sectionals, chairs and recliners all need to be sold off immediately to make room for new inventory!  Stop in and get your favorite furniture by your favorite designers for unbelievable prices. Save up to 35% Off on Stickley leather products. Get 40% off all Palliser leather furniture and enjoy up to 12 months special financing.

Doerr Furniture Leather Sell Off

Save up to 35% Off on leather Stickley furniture.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save on luxury leather furniture only at Doerr Furniture! Also be sure to look into free mattress delivery! On any mattress purchase of $699 or more and within 100 miles of our store.

An Unparalleled Year End Celebration You Can’t Miss

Doerr Furniture, Doerr 1/2 Off Sale

Enjoy 1/2 Off on this beautiful table and chairs set!

Clean up the excess wrapping paper, put the tape away and lace up your shoes Doerr Furniture is throwing a year end celebration you’ll want to be a part of.

There’s only one week left in 2015, so, here’s the deal. We have too much inventory and we need your help. In order to get rid of this inventory half of the store has been marked at 1/2 Off prices.  That’s right, between Dec. 28 and Jan. 4th get half off half of the store.

Doerr Furniture, Doerr 1/2 Off Sale

1/2 Off on this blue sofa during Doerr’s 1/2 Off Half of the Store sale.

Take advantage of dining sets starting at $569. Get queen beds for as low as $510. Spruce up you living space with a brand new sofa starting at $1,149. Maybe all you need to give your space that extra pizzazz is a new rug? Visit the Doerr rug gallery and enjoy up to 60% savings on unique rugs.

Doerr Furniture, Half Off Sale

Leather Recliner 1/2 Off for Doerr’s Half Off Sale.

During the 1/2 Off half of the store sale don’t forget to take advantage of 12 months special financing and Doerrs complimentary In-Home Design services. Whatever your home decorating needs, Doerr Furniture can help you this holiday season. See you soon!

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Holiday Inspiration. Donate and Save!

There’s never been a better time than now to help our communities while saving on home furnishings at Doerr Furniture during Doerr FurnitureHoliday Donate and Save special.

Doerr Furniture, Vaughan Bassett, Doerr Holiday Donate and Save

A Vaughan Bassett bed set available at Doerr.

This week at Doerr Furniture there’s never been a better time to give back to our local communities and save on new furniture and mattresses. We believe that giving back creates a positive influence in our community and is a part of who we are and why nobody does it like Doerr!


Doerr Furniture, Flexsteel, Holiday Donate and Save

A Flexsteel St. Albert recliner available during Doerr’s Holiday Donate and Save special.

So, here’s how you can pay it forward. Take $50 or more. Pick a charity of your choice, and donate the money to that charity.  When you bring in a donation receipt we will take up to $2,999. The more you donate the more you save!

Doerr Furniture, Magnussen Home, Holiday Donate and Save

Contemporary accents like rustic iron legs, metal casters and rivet-edged metal supports reinforce the subtle character of the distressed natural pine.

Impact your world by impacting someone else’s world this holiday season. It doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone has the ability, especially during the holidays, to make that special magic happen for others. In order to take advantage, you’ve gotta’ pay it forward and make the magic happen for others.

Come one. Come All. You’re All Invited!

Doerr, Holiday Part Century Furniture

Celebrate With Doerr and meet Alex Shuford III.

Look no further for an early holiday soiree! Join us this season to sip and socialize at New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles’ Fete Maison being hosted at Doerr Furniture.

Doerr Furniture, Holiday Party

Quality craftsmanship goes into all Century Furniture pieces.

Register free of charge for Doerr’s Holiday Party and show up Thursday, December 3rd from    6-8 pm for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and good company. Including the company of  Alex Shuford, III, President of Century Furniture. Century Furniture has provided top tier, upper-end residential furniture for the last 68 years. Alex Shufford III took over as Century Furniture president in July of 2013 making the succession of the third family generation to lead the notable company.

Please register, and join us at Doerr Furniture to learn about Century as a leader in the American home furnishings design industry; how they maintain levels of superior workmanship, and about the rich historical Century Furniture craft, quality and process. Don’t forget to bring a canned food item for donation to Second Harvest Food Bank to receive a Doerr Furniture gift certificate.