Our Top Picks: Doerr Furniture’s Flexsteel Inventory Sale

We’ve put together just a few of our favorite furniture pieces from our large Flexsteel factory sale, going on now — these limited time offers on luxury furniture and accessories will be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, at a price you will be very happy about, we guarantee it.

Here you will find absolutely stunning pieces that are traditional and rustic —  furnishings that look as appropriate in today’s home as they did over a century ago.

Below we have the beautiful plush Bay Bridge Sofa. This elegant sofa has classic rolled arms that are graced with a low sitting frame and a curvy back that creates beautiful flowing curves. The Bay Bridge is best paired with a beautiful embellished area rug — the lovely accent pieces and colors of this ornate rug compliment the colors of this beautiful plush sofa, shown below.

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Create a beautiful space that will conjure warmth and welcome with these traditional styles and organic forms. Quality furniture crafted with precious hardwoods and beautiful details to emphasize sophistication.

Experience casual elegance and lots of excitement with Flexsteel’s Digby Collection: these bold contemporary styles are a lot of fun and will go perfectly in any space. We particularly love the combination of the bright colors combined with the sleek dark legs of this furniture.

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We absolutely love the look of Flexsteel’s Forest Glen Collection:  The weathered and worn surfaces of these living room tables give them a real rugged and industrial design. The combination of the weathered wood and rustic brass give this living room a wonderful contrast.

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We also have some great news for all of you furniture shoppers that prefer something a little more customized. At Doerr, we understand that everyone’s furniture taste varies — everything from the size of your space to the amount of people you have enjoying your furniture completely vary, that’s why we help our customers to tailor make and custom design their favorite furniture pieces!

Experience custom designed furniture at Doerr — beautiful colors, styles, and sizes to choose from!

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Hurry in to Doerr Furniture to take advantage of these amazing deals on fabulous quality furniture. Just think, with this tremendous sale you could revamp your entire place for a refreshingly affordable price!

Now until September 29th you can shop these great deals at Doerr for our Flexsteels Factory Sale, But hurry this inventory will not last long!
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Design Ideas: How To Master the Perfect Traditional Living Space

Are you one to gravitate towards a traditional living space? Do you enjoy attractive, transitional findings that make a space look timeless and seemingly effortless? Great news, We have fantastic ideas for you…

We will be giving you a taste of some of our favorite designs by Flexsteel that offer a nice fresh take on a traditional design – the fun part, adding in mixes of fun colors and interesting statement pieces that will be easy to implement using these tips; have we mentioned that you won’t break the bank in the process?

…Ah yes, refreshingly affordable.

Shop Beautiful Flexsteel Sofas at Doerr Furniture

Looks We Love: We love using a neutral color palette and then adding in the layers of interest with simple statement pieces, beautifully adorned area rugs, and even a nice touch of natural elements. An elegant living room displays fine design with out appearing too flashy.

We love the look of a  neutral sofa, then adding interest and color later on — by doing this, you will easily transition your space into each season with ease using your favorite holiday décor.

Shop Flexsteel Traditional Living Rooms at Doerr Furniture

Highly fashioned, attractive pieces will make every room truly a luxury. The goal for a transitional living room is to make it warm, welcoming and most of all, comfortable for everyone to experience. A place a whole family can spend time in.

Our next favorite look is attractively dynamic; use a color palette that embraces color and pattern evenly. We love adding pops of turquoise paired with rustic elements for a nice contrast of color and design.

We can’t get enough of these beautiful furnishings shown below — there is just something so rustic and interesting about these natural wood and weathered brass tables — The color combo is absolutely stunning! I’m sure you can agree.

Shop Beautiful Flexsteel Living Rooms  At Doerr Furniture

The key to the most elegant and timeless living space is to Find traditional home furnishings that will not only last, but will be welcomed and embraced by each and every person who encounters them.

Now, get out there and Show case your inner designer! Make it seemingly effortless — we’ll keep a secret — let Doerr Furniture be the destination for all of your design ideas.

Now, enjoy all of these wonderfully designed furnishings at a refreshingly affordable price all at Doerr Furniture’s 40% Off Flexsteel Inventory Sale. We will see you there!

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Discover The Many Therapeutic Advantages of an Adjustable Bed Frame

Shop Adjustable Bed Frames at Doerr Furniture

Sometimes a lack of sleep isn’t the most important thing on our minds — from busy schedules at work, to raising a family — our daily lives often take precedence over a proper nights rest. In fact, according to a recent article in the Huffington post, nearly half of Americans get less than the Recommended Amount of Sleep per night, due to causes such as; sleep Apnea, Snoring, back pain, Acid Re-flux etc. While the amount of sleep recommended for each person is bound to differ from person to person, The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

So why do we need sleep? While many Doctors can speculate why we need sleep, no one fully understands. What we do know is that with a lack of it, we can cause an abundance of health problems among our physiological, emotional and behavioral health. Almost every part of us will be affected as a result of sleep deprivation.

So what about your quality of sleep? Now more than ever before people are looking at Adjustable bed frames combined with a satisfactory mattress to give them that extra support and positioning their body needs to alleviate a vast majority of these issues affecting sleep.

SHop Tempur Pedic Adjustable Bed Frames at Doerr Furniture

Often times, adjustable beds have only been associated with Hospitals and aging, but today, this is truly not the case — in fact, modern adjustable beds offer a range of benefits not only for the elderly, but for all healthy individuals a like. Adjustable beds were designed to aid health and healing by promoting an increase in circulation and oxygen levels during your nights rest. With a full range of motion, your body can adjust to any positioning, making Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed frames the perfect fit, regardless of age and health.

For years, doctor’s have been prescribing inclination as a minor relief for swelling and circulation; this is exactly why adjustable beds along with a luxurious memory Foam mattress will assist in a number of different health benefits. With the Tempur-Pedic Ergo technology, you are able to adjust the bed to your specific needs — whether it’s inclination of the feet for swelling, or inclination of the chest for helpful breathing — these adjustable bed frames provide an abundance of health-related relief.

Shop Adjustable Bed Frames at Doerr Furniture

Adjustable Bed Frames have been used to provide relief in:  

  • Lower back pain
  • minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue and overexertion
  • edema or swelling of the legs
  • hiatus hernia
  • gastric reflux
  • nighttime heartburn
  • reduce or ease light and occasional snoring
  • excess weight/obesity

9-3 hero

Still not convinced? 

Besides being incredibly beneficial for your health, Tempur-Pedic Mattress and Adjustable Bed Frames also offer incredible comfort. Most people enjoy sitting up to read, or maybe to sit up and have play time with the little ones — most of the time they will reach for an abundance of pillows to prop them up, or strain their hands and arms by lying on their stomach — an adjustable bed frame will eliminate the hassle by allowing the user to position their body perfectly with out the extra strain.

There is a reason 94% of Tempur-Pedic Owners Love their Mattress –You can too.

 Join us Now for a Limited Time at Doerr Furniture’s Premiere Mattress Event. Take Advantage of a luxury Mattress at a Refreshingly affordable price! Shop Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Beds At Doerr Furniture New Orleans

5 Reasons Why You Will Love Stressless Living

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Stressless

Stressless Living — The Innovators Of Comfort

Whether you’ve heard of Stressless seating, or you haven’t, it’s pretty easy to guess why many people are making the switch. Stressless furniture is one of the most famous comfort furniture brands on the market – design, function and comfort are all at the heart of their mission. Many people have their own reasons for loving Stressless, so we’ve compiled our own list of benefits that we think you’d love to learn – hopefully we’ll make your Stressless decision that much easier.

Stressless Recliners- Custom Sizes at Doerr

1. Customized to fit your unique body: These recliners are customized to fit your specific body type — furniture should fit your body just like your clothing, hugging your unique curves and movements. Renowned Stressless® technology puts your seating in harmony with your body all of the time.


2. Glide system that follows your slightest movement: This option will promote the active motions we tend to make while seated. You will only have to adjust the Stressless control once to match the glide system to your specific body weight, then as you lean back you will appreciate the wonderful feeling of the recliner following your every movement…hands free.

3. Beautiful design and comfort: Not only are Stressless® recliners the ultimate comfort, we also guarantee a tailor-made design with the choice to choose which hue of genuine leather fits your home. Choose your hide and your hue to complement your unique taste!

Shop Stressless Furniture at Doerr

4. Made out of The most durable leather and materialsEkornes fabrics are made from high quality materials that provide great durability. Whenever EKornes choose a new fabric for the Stressless collection, they have to pass through extensive testing to comply with the strict Ekornes demands. Only the best textiles that can withstand “hard use” and “normal use” are accepted. For families with children we recommend “hard use”.

5.  Environmentally friendly company: For years, Ekornes has been implementing improvements in its factories that benefit the internal and external environment, and has at the same time been choosing more environmentally friendly raw materials so you will feel better about supporting a company with a great mission.

Shop Stressless Furniture at Doerr Furniture

There is only one way to understand the feeling of total and utter luxury. You have to sit in one. Then you will know what Stressless living truly is: the perfect fusion of support, beauty and function. Because when it comes to comfort, we are uncompromising. You, of course, will be the judge.

Hurry in to Doerr Furniture to take advantage of the Pre-Labor Day Sale Happening now through Labor Day! If you shop now, you will receive up to $1,500 Off* Stressless Furniture when you buy!

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Doerr Furniture’s Free In-Home Design Service

Doerr Furniture New Orleans, LAHave you been wanting to redecorate your space but are having a hard time measuring the initial lay out and dimensions needed? Perhaps you enjoy decorating, but are in need of expert advice on what brands of furniture will provide you with the most quality? Are you working with a limited budget and need a plan suitable for you? Whatever your design inquiries are, we are here to help.

Our design team is exceptionally friendly and would love to work with you and your ideas. Doerr Furniture believes in helping you design the dream home you deserve — we want your space to be an extension of who you are and we have the most luxurious furniture to do so.

Our experienced designers will be there every step of the way without you having to worry about an expensive hourly rate, in fact, we’d love for you to make a day out of it — bring a friend while having some fun looking though our unique home furnishings, accessories and decor. Our extensive range of styles will have everything you are looking for, plus some.

Doerr Furniture, New Orleans In-home Design

Biltmore English Sofa

bring your throws, color samples, fabric, magazine cut-outs, what have you — anything that will be a useful tool for our specialist to get an idea of how you wish to see your home.  The idea here will be to compliment your pre-existing items and pairing them with the ideal accent pieces and furnishings to really bring it all together tastefully.

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Furniture Sale

Bungalow Sofa

Our Design specialist will come directly to your home to measure, analyze and discuss your recommendations. We will consider everything from the size of the room to the color of your sofa and everything in between. We would like your space to be as unique and exquisite as the person who walks in our doors.We make it easy, fun, worry free and exactly what you want.

Looking to save even more on quality furniture? Come in-store to Doerr Furniture to check out our extensive list of sofas, recliners, dining sets and more for a great deal. Happening Now at Doerr Furniture’s Out The “Doerr” Inventory Sale.

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Sale

3 Home Furnishings You Will Not Want to Miss Out On At Doerr Furniture’s Inventory Sale

Fabulous Prices on the highest quality of luxury furniture 

A beautiful Statement piece? A plush new living room sofa? How about an entire revamp of your bedroom furniture? yes, that’s right, an entire bedroom set for a fabulous price all at Doerr Furniture’s large Inventory Sale. These limited time offers on luxury furniture and accessories will be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, at a price you will be very happy about, we guarantee it.

We’ve put together just a few of the many luxurious furniture pieces and signature items that we love from Doerr Furniture, and our Large Inventory Sale — happening now!

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Furniture Sale

Craftmaster Three Cushion Sofa

Craftmaster being known for their exceptional design and lasting durability, produces some of the finest furniture at a fair price. Clean lines matched with simple, laid back colors combined with natural accessories and home furnishings for this charming, yet easy going look.

Doerr Furniture Sale New Orleans

 An easy-care classic — this perfectly simple sofa features rounded shaping in the backs, a traditional pleated skirt, and rolled sock arms. It’s designed to stay neatly tailored and ready to relax in. Find this perfectly plush sofa at Doerr’s Out the “Doerr” Inventory Sale happening now.

Doerr Furniture Sale New Orleans Harden Bed Set

Pilot Bed By Harden Furniture

This glamorous-chic bedroom set by Harden Furniture is one that we absolutely adore. The contrast between the bright white upholstery against the black trimmings flawlessly frames this bed set with interesting lines and a unique shape. We also love the neutral yet feminine accessories used to create a simply elegant feel.

Doerr Furniture Sale New Orleans

Queen Panel Bed Fine Furniture

This Villa Cascina Bedroom captures the style of the French-influenced Tuscan Region of Italy during the 18th Century. Consisting of Walnut and Asian hardwood solids with rustic cherry and walnut veneers. This beautifully costumed hardwood bedroom set has an antique color finish reflective of 18th Century Tuscany. The unique design of the tapestry cloth paired with the beautiful walnut veneers bring this whole look together flawlessly.

Hurry in to Doerr Furniture to take advantage of the Out The “Doerr” Inventory Sale going on now! Fabulous prices on luxury furniture you will find nowhere else. Plus a chance to win a $500 Doerr Gift Card!

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Sale


5 Things Every Bedroom Should Add For A Luxurious Look

The ideas and advice that will turn your bedroom into the utmost luxurious, comfortable and personal space possible

Doerr Furniture Tempur-pedic

TEMPUR-Contour Allura

1. A Great Mattress is number one on our list, we don’t think we can stress this enough — after all, how will you be able to appreciate the beauty of a room with out a proper nights rest? Every person’s body is unique and requires specific conditions in order to get a proper nights rest, that’s why Doerr Furniture has a large selection on the most comfortable mattresses you can find! Some of the best mattress brands we carry: Tempur-pedic, Serta, Mattress1st and Beautyrest mattresses.

Other important questions to ask when searching for a new mattress: What type of steel is used? What type of foam? Are the coils individually-wrapped, making the bed responsive to your body? And if you’re hesitant to spend a lot on a new mattress, keep this in mind: A high-quality mattress should last 10-15 years. A cheap one? Half that.

Doerr Furniture New Orleans

2.  A large Area Rug When we wake up in the morning it’s important to make our first steps comfortable — you should want your feet touching the ground with a nice cozy area rug, rather than your chilly hard-wood flooring. Already have carpet? that’s okay, we still suggest using an area rug here — it makes your bed the focal point in your room, which is exactly what you should strive to do. The most important consideration in buying an area rug is to find something that has an interesting pattern and will please you every time you look at it!

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Area Rug

Anatolia Rust by Stickley

Doerr Furniture Area Rugs

The Prairie by Stickley








Doerr Furniture New Orleans Bedroom Design

3. Somewhere to sit (Besides the bed) A nice spot to sit down will serve you well when you’re reading or writing and can’t afford to fall asleep during, or need to have a conversation with your partner that’s best not had in bed. A chair can serve as a nice place to relax before you’d actually like to fall asleep. Chairs and Chaises are also great for putting on shoes. if you are trying to keep your laptop out of bed with a no-tech rule, you can check your email while sitting up in your chair.

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Hooker Furniture Headboard

Sanctuary Tufted by Hooker

4. A Head-board helps focus attention on the bed as a design element and helps to visually integrate the bed with the rest of the room. Think of a headboard as the visual photo frame of the bed. A headboard also helps set the mood of the room, whether that mood is traditional, modern, comfortable, or funky Doerr Furniture has it. Above we have a tufted upholstery head board that offers a relaxed and cozy look and promotes the utmost comfort.

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Bedroom Design

Tribeca Collection Dresser by Century

5. Signature Items That Make You Smile! – These can be photo frames, trinkets and souvenirs from a great trip you went on, or maybe a unique lamp? Whatever tells a story. It’s important to make your space be totally unique to who you are. This is also a great way to incorporate pieces you’ve acquired over the years but can’t quite figure out where to put them. Make sure they’re in your line of sight upon waking up and their true purpose will be revealed: Making you smile!

Hurry in to Doerr Furniture for the Tax Free Weekend! This Friday and Saturday Aug 1st & 2nd. Tremendous deals on Luxury Furniture.

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Tax Free Weekend

Doerr Furniture 500$ Gift Card Give-Away, Exclusive Prizes, and More!

Doerr Furniture New Orleans commemorative rocker give-away

Located Just 5 blocks from the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA, a former Ford Motor Auto Dealership building of the early 1920’s has been home to Doerr Furniture since 1938. In celebration of making homes both beautiful and comfortable for over 75 years, Doerr Furniture will be giving-away a decadently polished commemorative rocker to a lucky “liker” on Facebook. All you have to do is like us on Facebook and you will be entered to win!

But that is not all — you will also have the chance to win a 500$ Doerr Gift card just by sharing with us which furniture pieces you would like to update in your home and we will enter you in the drawing!

We will pick our lucky winner July 26th at noon & contact the winner via Facebook message. when we hear back we’ll re-post the winner on Doerr’s Facebook page — make sure to keep an eye out!

Keep in touch & Like Our Page to Stay Up To Date on all our Facebook Exclusive Prizes, Savings, Home ideas, And More!

Doerr Furniture New Orleans Comment to win 500$ Gift Certificate


Last, but surely not least, our Floor Sample Sale is going on now through July 28th!  Be sure to hurry in and save!

We have unique pieces and absolutely stunning furnishings specially marked through out the store from as much as 70% off! We have sales on Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, upholstery, accessories and much more! Come on in and check it out while supplies last!

Doerr Furniture Floor Sample Sale

How To Create a Timeless Look With Sophisticated Furnishings From Stickley Furniture

Great furniture creates, and carries, memories across time.

Furniture is one of the most intimate products any of us will acquire. We share our meals around it. We rock our babies in it. We furnish the places of our lives so our families will love returning home, so our friends will look forward to visiting. –Stickley Mission
Doerr Furniture Stickley 86 Fargo Sofa

 Create a beautiful space that will conjure warmth and welcome with these traditional styles and organic forms. Quality furniture crafted with precious hardwoods and beautiful details to emphasize sophistication. The 86 Fargo Sofa has feminine details that contrast elegantly against the rich hues of various hard woods — also pair a floral sofa with a rich mahogany colored chair or Ottoman for added contrast.

Doerr Furniture Stickley Leopards Chair

Clean lines and attention to function and style make Stickley’s collection at Doerr Furniture truly timeless. Uniquely modern, yet possessing high levels of sophistication, comfort and precise craftsmanship. These furnishings will give you a connection to the past — the look is as appropriate in today’s home as it was over a century ago. Try this classic look with Stickley’s Leopold’s Chair tied with bold accents pieces, a sleek lamp, and a striking oriental rug.

25 years ago the Stickley Company made history when it reissued the historic Mission Collection. Today we invite you to own a piece of history! Save 40%* During Stickley Mission Anniversary Sale at Doerr Furniture now through July 28, 2014
Doerr Furniture Stickley Mission

Stressless® Recline In Comfort and Functionality

Doerr Furniture Sleepless Sofa Leather Upgade

Stressless® – The Innovators of Comfort

Stressless® was introduced in 1971, as the first recliner designed to meet your body’s need for movement and support when seated. The leather recliners we feature are unique functions you’ll find nowhere else — this is the revolution in comfort and functionality and Doerr furniture has a full list of these exceptional recliners and accessories to choose from.

Stressless Recliners- Custom Sizes at DoerrNot only are Stressless® recliners the ultimate comfort, we also guarantee a tailor-made design with the choice to choose which hue of genuine leather fits your home. Choose your hide and your hue to complement your unique taste!

These recliners are also customizable to fit any body type — We believe your furniture should fit your body just like your clothing. We even feature a customizable head extension and sizable seat to promote the active motions we tend to make while seated. Renowned Stressless® technology puts your seating in harmony with your body all of the time!

Doerr Furniture Sleepless Recliners

The luxurious Stressless Spirit in contemporary fiery red

We now feature the Stressless® sofas where every seat reclines and you get all the famous Stressless® comfort features found in our recliners. Choose between low-back and high-back sofas with adjustable headrests and enjoy the most comfortable sofas in the world!

Doerr Furniture Sleepless Sofa Set

Stressless Paradise Sectional in soft white

There is only one way to understand the feeling of total and utter luxury. You have to sit in one. Then you will know what Stressless® living truly is: the perfect fusion of support, beauty and function. Because when it comes to comfort, we are uncompromising. You, of course, will be the judge.