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Committed to comfort philosophy for over 40 years — designed with your well-being in mind.

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Whether you’ve heard of Stressless seating, or you haven’t, it’s pretty easy to guess why many people are making the switch. Stressless furniture is one of the most famous comfort furniture brands on the market – design, function and comfort are all at the heart of the Stressless mission. Many people have their own reasons for loving Stressless —  we’ve came up with a few benefits that we recommend for your well being. We’ll make your decision to go Stressless a whole lot easier — your chiropractor may even agree with us.

Features that will change your life, starting with your most sacred times of the day…relaxing.

Stressless Home Seating at Doerr Furniture

Stressless Unique Glide System adheres to your specific body movements — of course we put this number one on our list. The Stressless Glide system will help promote the active motions you tend to make while seated. It will then memorize your preferences in one easy, uncomplicated step. As you lean back you will appreciate the wonderful feeling of the recliner following your every movement…hands free.

Stressless is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

essless Seat at Doerr Furniture

Stressless seating is unique for you, working with you and your curves. The Stressless customized fit is offered in three unique shapes: small, medium and large. Furniture should fit your body just like your clothing, hugging your unique curves and movements.

Renowned Stressless® technology puts your seating in harmony with your body all of the time.

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Beautiful design and quality Leather. Not only are Stressless® recliners the ultimate comfort, they also guarantee a tailor-made design with the choice to choose which hue of genuine leather fits your home. Ekornes fabrics are made from high quality materials that provide great durability. Whenever Ekornes chooses a new fabric for the Stressless collection, they have to pass through extensive testing to comply with the strict Ekornes demands. Only the best textiles that can withstand “hard use” and “normal use” are accepted. We recommend that you try it — you will not regret it.

Stressless living is the perfect combination of comfort, function and style.

New Beginnings At Doerr Furniture

“We are constantly monitoring our manufacturers for quality and production time. We also look to manufacturers that are family-owned, because we find there is a certain amount of pride, care and compassion that comes from businesses that have their name on the product.” – Shane Mutter, CEO and President of Doerr Furniture.

Shane Mutter of Doerr Furniture Doerr Furniture, a fourth generation, family operated residential furniture store serving the Gulf Coast for over 76 years, has announced that its Board of Directors elected Mr. Shane Mutter as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Doerr Furniture.

Julian Mutter was the company’s third generation president and today serves as President Emeritus. For Julian, trust, quality, integrity and strong partnerships were the guiding principles of doing business. Now, the fourth generation of family management continues the traditions of the family founders. Shane Mutter will lead Doerr’s future into the next generation and is accompanied by David Mutter, Vice President of Marketing, Brett Mutter, Operation Manager, Amy Freese, Senior Director of Merchandising and Jamie Mutter, Director of Design Services.

“We are extremely pleased to add a fourth generation family member to lead our family company,” said Julian Mutter.  “Shane is an excellent fit with Doerr Furniture and his background makes him the right person to lead our company to the next level of its growth and development, while continuing to embrace and uphold our core values of providing quality at an exceptional value and trust with our customers and community.

Doerr Furniture New Orleans

“I am honored to become my family’s fourth generation president and lead our family into the next generation,” said Shane Mutter.  “The Mutter family has created a strong foundation of smart business practices and genuine care and concern for their family of employees and customers.  Those cornerstones are timeless and will continue to hold true for our family owned and operated business as we forge into the future.”

Doerr Furniture is located at the corner of Elysian Fields & Burgundy, in the Faubourg Marigny, just five blocks from the Mississippi River. Connect with Doerr Furniture on Facebook ( or visit for more information.

Stop by Doerr Furniture and take advantage of our exclusive Festival of Furniture Sale going on now! We’d love to see you!

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Get Your Home Stay-cation Ready This Season

Are you ready to house all of your in-laws and relatives this summer? 

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans Sleeper Sofas

Ah yes, the season for stay-cations are upon us! Friends, siblings, in-laws, what have you, are packing up and coming to stay this summer whether you like it or not! The question is, are you prepared with a nice place to stay? It may seem like a foreign concept to some. Have you considered a sleeper sofa?  We promise, the designs are just as stunning as they are comfortable. Get ready for a spare bedroom…instantly.

All of these luxurious sleepers are on sale and on the floor at Doerr Furniture for an incredible price. Stop by today to take advantage of our incredible Festival Furniture Sale!

These incredible sofas are beautiful and incredibly luxurious.

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Finding space to house guests can be tricky. With our expert design service and beautiful home furnishings that are custom tailored to fit your taste and color preference, you will have beautiful luxury that lets art and function mingle magically.

These sleeper sofas are all on sale and ready for a beautiful new home.

Consider a sleeper sofa in your living space for the ultimate convenience…

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You will be able to house all of your guests comfortably and in style. You can choose between many different luxurious looks to fit your unique taste.

Shop Doerr Furniture New Orleans Sleeper Sofas

If you are looking for an incredible sleeper sofa this festival season, stop by Doerr and take advantage of our amazing sale going on now!

Straight From The Heart: Custom Designs With a Purpose

Shop Jaipur Rugs at Doerr Furniture

If you haven’t seen the Jaipur area rug collection at Doerr Furniture, you may be missing out. Each rug is a work of art and has been crafted by local artisans across the globe. The business model is simple and benefits many young women and families.

“Breaking the rules of tradition is no accident. Our founder N.K. Chaudhary not only tossed traditional business methods to the side, but made a point to throw old ways of thinking aside as well. Removing the middlemen and direct relationships with the artists is not the norm; but it does make for a brave new way of understanding our social impact and responsibilities to those we connect with. It’s all about turning artisans into owners allowing them to become self-sufficient in the modern world through their traditional craft.

“Beauty that is effortless” – these beautiful finishing touches may be exactly what your home needs in order to make it truly your own.

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“The core of our business is the artist. There are many Dream Weavers Weaving the Jaipur Originals with stories to be told as individual as the pieces themselves. Woven not from maps, cards, or art files, the Dream Weavers weave from imagination and tell stories of dreams, families, history, and their landscapes. The love in each Original is truly a one of a kind and each have their own stories to tell.”

Shop Jaipur Rugs at Doerr Furniture“people have the right to fulfill their innate potential, no matter what circumstances they have born into” and so the journey began.

Shop Jaipur Rugs at Doerr FurnitureStop by Doerr today and browse our beautiful showroom of incredible Jaipur Area Rugs displayed.

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4 Top Choices to Add Sophistication This Spring

Today, we’d like to introduce to you four of the most unique and exquisite items to buy right now at Doerr Furniture! These items are both intricately designed and stunningly gorgeous! From the Dark rich hues of mahogany, oak and other hard woods to the sophisticated nature of the Stickley Mission collection – You will fall in love with the look (but even more with the price)!

If you see something you love, message us on Facebook, or stop in to Doerr today and experience our Extraordinary sell-off  event. Here you’ll find these fabulous pieces, as well as many others!

Shop Doerr Extraordinary Sell-Off Event  “A mahogany and brass bound box on stand, the cross-banded rectangular top centered by a brass Spencer crest medallion, on square chambered legs with brass spandrels united by an undertier. The original George III, circa 1780.”

Was $1,386 Special Sale price: $829! Contact us via Facebook message if interested!

Detailed Door Console By Stickley at Doerr Furniture“Mission Collection Harvey Ellis Door Console for your home and dining room. Clean lines and pureness of function make the Stickley Mission Collection truly timeless, and the look is as appropriate in today’s homes as it was over a century ago.  Possessing a distinguished pedigree yet uniquely modern, Mission furniture makes itself at home in every room of the house, telling the world that you appreciate sophisticated comfort and solid craftsmanship.”

Stickley Harvey Ellis Door Console  - Was $3,183 Special Sale price: $1,749 – Contact us via Facebook message if interested!

Mission Style Dinner Gong By Stickley at Doerr Furniture

“From a circa 1905 design, this hand-hammered bronze gong is supported by oak keyed through tenons. At 36” high, the top may be used as a serving table. Please note that each bronze gong will vary slightly in color and sheen due it it’s hand-crafted nature. Each signature Stickley piece id unique and original! ”

Was $1,473 Special Sale price $810!  - Contact us via Facebook message if interested!

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This ultra-stylish system is full of several fine living space additions and is designed is a true contemporary style that delivers eye-catching qualities to any den or living space and will surely  appeal to your relaxation habits.

Special sale price $999 -  contact us via Facebook message if interested!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blogs! We enjoy sharing the knowledge of home design with all of you :) Stop in to Doerr Furniture today and experience these looks at a refreshingly low price – plus, we’d just love to chat with you!

We are always working hard to make your home (almost) as exquisite as the person who walks into our door!

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Top 3 Stickley Looks You Will Fall In Love With

Bow Arm Morris Chair Stickley at Doerr Furniture

If you haven’t already heard about this incredible sale, then we have some great news for you! These Stickley Items are ready for a New Home and they are yours for an affordable price. If you have Questions regarding a particular piece, Private Message us on Facebook to have a personal conversation!

The Stickley Difference, “Furniture is one of the most intimate products any of us will acquire. We share our meals in it. We rock our babies in it. We furnish the places of our lives so our families will love returning home, so our friends will look forward to visiting”

“The Bow Arm Morris Chair is Leopold’s finest tribute to William Morris, leader and champion of the English Arts & Crafts Movement. The originals of this chair are extremely rare and command premium prices. The arched front stretcher is a fitting complement to the long, graceful bowed arms. Construction features include four adjustable back positions and Quadralinear post construction for the oak version. Choice of a tight seat or loose cushions. Available in solid oak or cherry. Original design circa 1910, L. & J.G. Stickley.”

Detailed Door Console By Stickley at Doerr Furniture

“have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” -William Morris (1834-1896)

The detailed Door console is made of Elegant Mission form and elongated corbels that support the top. Harvey Ellis inlay of a country road on both door panels that conceal one adjustable shelf behind the doors. Dark copper hardware on oak and light copper hardware on cherry version. Available in solid oak or cherry.

Like this peice? Message on Facebook for an INCREDIBLE price!

Highlands Master Chest at Doerr Furniture

What makes one piece of furniture an heirloom while another remains humdrum?

The Highlands Master Chest from Stickley Furniture’s Mission Collection is a unique piece with tapered posts on each side along with pierced bottoms to give an extra dimension.  At the top of each post there are lasered etchings that match other pieces from the Highlands Set.

Like this peice? Message on Facebook for an INCREDIBLE price!

Doerr Furniture Stickley Sale

Expert Advice: From The 2015 Home & Gardens Show!

Shop Quality Furniture At Doerr Furniture

Doerr Furniture is preparing for the 2015 Home and Garden Show in the Superdome this weekend! We were asked by the show to be a part of the fun so our very own Amy Freese was interviewed in their “Ask The Expert” series! Way to go Amy!!

Highlights to remember when purchasing your next upholstered Furniture Piece…

  •  Look for integrity in the frame – feel arms, sides, back – You should NOT feel any wood.
  • Give it a push and a little shove - Shouldn’t move, or squeak! your furniture piece should be sturdy with a solid foundation.

Quality Upholstered Foundations include: 

  • Steel
  • Hardwoods
  • Laminated Wood frames

poor upholstered foundations to look out for:

  • Particle board
  • chip-board/plywood

The next time you’re purchasing furniture – of any sort – make sure you give it the quality test. A quality foundation will last. in fact, we have made it our mission to look to manufacturers who provide quality materials and products. We also look to manufacturers that are family-owned, because we find there is a certain amount of pride, care and compassion that comes from businesses that have their name on the product.

The next time your looking to purchase furniture…by Nice of buy Twice!

Doerr Furniture at the 60th Anniversary Garden ShowGetting set up for this weekends Home and Garden Show in the Superdome! Please be sure to come by and visit us and enter to win a $500.00 gift certificate to our store.

It’s really exciting to be a part of such a unique event, here we have displayed the many ways in which Doerr sets itself apart – would you look at that variety?

Doerr Furniture at the 60th Anniversary Garden ShowIt’s incredibly rewarding to be given the opportunity to work with the community on  showcasing Doerr’s quality home furnishings like we are doing today! As the Doerr community gets larger, we make it our mission to remain localized, providing quality home furnishings that stay true to the NOLA tradition, as well as being supportive of our local community of manufacturers!

Looking for quality at a refreshingly low price? We have a ton of really great furniture items that are looking for a unique place in your home, for a steal. Stop in to Doerr Today!

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Top 4 Home Furnishings: Spring Make-Over Addition

Shop Doerr Extraordinary Sell-Off Event  In the mood for some spring cleaning? How about a beautiful new look for your Living space this spring? We have the fun, fresh, groovy looks that will have your space looking tip-top this spring! Bring on the sunshine!

Not only are these items incredibly luxurious, they are showcased in our Store-Wide Inventory Sell-Off Event, happening all month long ! We are gearing up for new inventory and big changes to our showroom. Now is the best time to shop for an incredible deal on fantastic home furnishings!

Shop Doerr Extraordinary Sell-Off Event

 The elegant sophistication of this sofa collection is in a class by itself. Attractive low profile, rolled arms, welt details, wood bun feet and four pillows plus a lumbar pillow make the Walker collection a must for any home decor. The best part…it’s on sale and it’s basically a steal at our Extraordinary Sell- off event!

Shop Doerr Extraordinary Sell-Off Event  Pop of spring? Perfect for a bright, colorful room! A splash of beautiful floral accents among a bright white wall and you’ve just created a stylish botanical sanctuary! For all of you garden – savvy, floral loving men and women out there! Was $1,237 NOW $742 – Incredible Savings!

Shop Doerr Extraordinary Sell-Off Event  Modernizing? Simplifying? This is a great Furniture item for the simple, more modern home. Clean lines and attention to detail make this piece a fantastic choice for a modern-day makeover! Elegant charm and a sophisticated edge make this furniture item one of our top choices for a Spring-time update! Sale Price: $862!

Shop Doerr Extraordinary Sell-Off Event

Looking for comfort and style? Look no further — It will be hard to match the comfort and style of this unique sofa set, which is why it has made our list on the top buys this month! Gentle scrolls and subtle curves create a plush and comforting experience that make this sleek and stylish three-cushion sofa a must-have addition to your living room collection!

Charming isn’t it? But have you seen the price….

These incredible deals will not last long, stop by Doerr Furniture and explore our unique display of beautiful home furnishings! We will see you here!

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Doerr Design: The Great American History of Stickley

The Stickley motto “Als ik Kan” comes from a quote by Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck and means “to the best of my ability” – this has always been Stickley’s guiding principle. The old Flemish craftsman’s phrase was marked right on the product in our early years, to assure customers that every piece of Stickley furniture was made with skill, determination, and integrity.

If you are like us and appreciate the simple beauty of Stickley hand-crafted furniture, then join us in celebrating this beautiful tradition with a Stickley Historian. We invite you to join us in welcoming the Stickley Historian, Mike Danial. He will be giving us a closer look inside this remarkable tradition of this special craft. Learn everything about Fine Furniture–from restoration to care and construction techniques.

Doerr Furniture Exclusive Stickley Sale

Discover the many reasons why Stickley Furniture has become the hallmark of traditional, hand-crafted, wooden furniture all over the U.S.

Even today each aspect of Stickley construction is approached with sincere dedication and a genuine respect for craft. Stickley’s many unique construction features make it the most lasting furniture being crafted today.

Doerr Furniture Exclusive Stickley Sale

Make your reservations today, seating is limited! We’d love to see you all here for this FREE event!

Doerr Design: George Washington “Wishes He” Lived Here.

Great furniture creates, and carries, memories across time.

Furniture is one of the most intimate products any of us will acquire. We share our meals around it. We rock our babies in it. We furnish the places of our lives so our families will love returning home, so our friends will look forward to visiting.

Shop Doerr Furniture's Stickley Sale

Create a beautiful space that will conjure warmth and welcome with these traditional styles and organic forms. Quality furniture crafted with precious hardwoods and beautiful details to emphasize sophistication. This beautiful furniture will speak for itself — these designs were created with the notion that furniture should be “honest” above all things. A direct reflection of the craftsmanship put forth in each piece.

Stop in to Doerr’s Stickley showroom where you will find an exquisite selection of Stickley Furniture, ranging from a large array of incredible styles. We will work to complement your unique taste preference with some of the most luxurious, craftsmanship we have seen…

and we know furniture!

Shop Doerr Furniture Stickley Sale

Clean lines and attention to function and style make Stickley’s collection at Doerr Furniture truly timeless. Uniquely modern, yet possessing high levels of sophistication, comfort, and precise craftsmanship. These furnishings will give you a connection to the past — the look is as appropriate in today’s home as it was over a century ago.

We’d love to see you all at Doerr Furniture for our unique, President’s Day Stickley Sale, this weekend Only! We will have a wonderful time celebrating both Valentine’s Day with loved ones, and Mardi Gras with Friends from all over! It’s Party time, friends! So many reasons to be merry! Come See Us!